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    RPK vs New Age ID 2 + Spy Info

    Doesn't even need to have his wep out to defend lol
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    New Guild Recruitment Function — Coming Soon (TM)

    yeh this idea was pretty useful in GV , new players jumped into game and managed to quickly find themselves a guild true or even if theres an option to "contact guild leader" would still be good.... but there's no offline messages in MO... maybe if there was an option to receive offline...
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    New Starter Island DEV stream September 2nd

    I agree... and to be honest I feel like it's going to be mostly current MO players on that Island rather than "noobs" However having said that, I think it will be useful for MO2... IF ...there's a large influx of players But I do appreciate that what's being worked on is being shared with the...
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    Are we making Flakestone sexy again?

    Yes just carry on When will we see an update for bone tissue armor? Been looking forward to it, some of my friends want to return to MO but are asking if we will ever see this update
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    Are we making Flakestone sexy again?

    lol Noob that just finished from Noob Island : "HA HA , look at me now, no one can touch me since I'm wearing my lvl 75 crafted flakestone armor" MC in Myrland *Golf swings noobs headoff in two shots" Noob "hmm maybe it needs to be level 100 flakestone for it to be effective"
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    What really killed Mortal Online?

    Star Vault
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    Me try train some noobs.

    The Noob Army has no time for Noob Island he gna be a stone cold killer you can tell :P
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    Are we making Flakestone sexy again?

    I mean I understand you want to work on something and make it look better, that's fair enough you're trying...(even though it makes us question priorities) But what's the use if its not semi decent viable armor? I don't understand the logic behind it to be honest... As suggested above, if...
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    Rusty Rhias vs Dementia Deviant

    Yeh bro was some good times in MO, If MO2 comes out in our lifetime -_-, surely it will bring a lot of people back, and hopefully will be an opportunity for everyone to relive those fun times. Miss you too man, all is well on my side, hope you're doing alright too stay safe and talk soon bro!
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    Rusty Rhias vs Dementia Deviant

    time flies when you're playing MO bro notice there's no bakti keep, so definitely over a year ago
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    The Person Above Me | Forum Game

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    Rusty Rhias vs Dementia Deviant

    The only two people in the game that have use for ironbone 1. Ariola 2. Your nearest vendor
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    Making Mortal Online 2 more Noob friendly?

    I said if they DIDN'T exist, there'd be less reasons for people to get triggered and start wars... in other words... they play a big role in keeping the game alive by stirring up drama. I think you misunderstood me, wars are what keep the game alive, without them the game becomes very boring...
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    Making Mortal Online 2 more Noob friendly?

    True.. the word "chase" denotes a fast pace about we use the word "hunt", is that more appropriate? Anyone who has played MO long enough will have learnt the art of patience :D ... it's evident from the players who sit on tall buildings in Tindrem for hours waiting for their...
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    Making Mortal Online 2 more Noob friendly?

    The way I see chase the yellow flagged folk, you must first become the yellow flagged folk.... yes... then you must learn to think and talk like the yellow flagged folk, continue to gain its trust by teaching it , helping it with its tutorials and expeditions, by killing mobs together...