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    TIndrem (bandits) Mega Pvp Video

    why does he called you hacker? did u ever hack?
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    WTS direptor armor book

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    Territory Control idea - Feedback wanted

    still didnt get why sv removed force wardecs. it was impossible to force small guilds it was easy to avoid and it's quite far from logic
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    Characters leaving to go to the world of MO2

    where did u get that? we moving from ue3 to ue4
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    WTT My Oghmium,Cronite,Ivory,Cosmoid,TM for your..

    you need another direptor? o_O
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    WTB grainsteel

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    Bring Back Arena Tindrem

    to many things concentrated in Tind. there is arena in the middle of myrland. it doesnt work?
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    Bring Back Arena Tindrem

    99% people had use it to hide there, heal mounts etc it was one of the worst place in mo
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    Mortal Online 2 Discussion

    personally i like current skillcap.+ last changes was very good i love mo and want to know it from all sides, professions, playstyles etc i dont see how it would be if there is only one char
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    More Communication Please

    in discord, just after announce. if you dont know whey SAID that they will give more info. and even something changed and they cant they can tell it to us. - we keep working. we know what to do. we will do patches for mo ue3 or not. etc yes, ofc. but we will see less players around
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    More Communication Please

    even if sv cant discuss details, they can explain it here. few ppl i know stopped subs just because they dont see any reason to play until ue upgrade.
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    More Communication Please

    ok, but what meant henrik when he said that he will give more info in 2 weeks?
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    More Communication Please

    gnyu, dont be retard. there is big difference between chat and forum + nobody posted something new about ue4 there
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    i wish guts playing mo again. ____ didnt talk to vlad for ages
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    More Communication Please

    no time for posting anything on mo forum, busy with kittens check Henrik Nystrom twitter, 3 updates this month