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    Mortal Online 2 - Wishlist

    put tacos in food vendor, thats be great
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    WTB elementalism spell book

    pm me more info , thanks
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    stenko, ibarruri, etc, The Liar

    peace and love for all
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    bakti train!

    who cares about ur comment? go to school kid :D
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    bakti train!

    i pray every day for ur accounts!!!
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    bakti train!

    Hope ur guys enjoy it, not much btw thx for give pvp! GF :)
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    Infiltrating an illegal drug plantation

    freedom for the weed
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    cuprite lore

    i remember i have this skill up to full, and now is skill lvl 6 and skill mother is 100 too, whats happens? someone can help me? thanks
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    RPK Keep Destroyed

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    Skill based PVP

    some wepons need a nerf, like daggers and the shit bows
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    Kokain - Solo Bakti, killing flub

    the wolfs are the best aliance :D
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    Ibarruri is crazy

    I cried with laughter, seriously