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    Discussion on MO2 skill pool separation (trade/combat)

    I disagree, MO1 suffered from too much specialization. Having to choose between crafter or combat character didnt really feel too meaningful when you could roll endless alts and actually promoted griefing instead, even if you dont like to fight I bet everyone would like at least a chance to...
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    (MO2)Suggestions for town control to make everyone's lives better.

    SV hasnt said much about the flagging changes yet but I hope they make it more regional. For example all khurite towns should have a separate murder count system from tindremic towns. Would encourage ppl to not kill ppl in the area where they live but if they want, go pvp vs another "faction"...
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    MO2 FAQ

    If you wanted a return for your "investment" u should have invested in the stock market lul
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    Will butchery be reworked in MO2?

    yea but I really doubt Henrik will just delete butchery or nerf it that much. also newbs will still be able to make money by selling the carcs, is there really a difference between that and vendoring the raw mats? assuming pop is healthy
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    Will butchery be reworked in MO2?

    imo the biggest issues with butchery were: 1. Less time spent in mob spawns. You get to a spawn, fill your bags in 5 minutes and head back to town. This is boring and doesnt promote conflict, theres now less chance you will cross paths with another player. 2. No value in looting carcass = no...
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    MO2 - Death Penalty

    Go play wow
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    Player Looking to Die in This Gear Set Once and then Unsub Again

    Looks for a decent fight, has a pet :D
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    What Did Mortal Online Do Right and Wrong?

    would be cool if u could leave stuff getting extracted like in rust, more risky but less annoying
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    What Did Mortal Online Do Right and Wrong?

    thats because theres like 50 left playing, ofc there cant be an economy like that. But even then I have no prob gearing up a fighter or hybrid from tindrem broker. Its obvious being self sufficient isnt on Henriks design or he wouldnt make MO2 1 char only. Sorry this isnt Darkfall
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    What Did Mortal Online Do Right and Wrong?

    nah that would break the economy if everyone could craft anything. If ur crafter friends quit the game just farm gold and buy shit at npc towns, theres a broker there u kno.
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    Picked up MK11 today, where do I start?

    Go farm razorbacks noob
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    New MO2 Screenshot ? FixMapHousing

    yea man I can buy a house in mexico for $150, fuck this shit
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    New MO2 Screenshot ? FixMapHousing

    If it looks good, maybe is for the best. Have u seen how horrible Tindrem is now with custom assets? Looks like a giant bathroom Not sure how it affects performance but at least it means MO2 is coming sooner than 2030
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    Mortal Online 2 - Wishlist

    This. Not sure about the drawing part, maybe for more complicated spells, but most offensive spells should be actual projectiles not just an animation. They could keep hitscan for a few spells tho like healing, purify, corrupt, etc.
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    Wardecs in MO2

    Crafters will be able to fight back in MO2 tho