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    Permanent red status -- solution for reds murdercount problem

    There should be some color code that allows you to differentiate between more and less dangerous players. If everyone is marked in the same color you wouldn't know what to expect of them and will have to avoid all armed persons on your way which is very inconvenient. That is the trouble with...
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    Permanent red status -- solution for reds murdercount problem

    Currently reds have to burn their murdercounts to become blue again which given tens or sometimes even hundreds murdercounts they collected is either impossible or too difficult. In the same time 5 murdercounts are quit enough to give reds their red status. Here is what I propose. If you wish...
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    Swimming to Sarducca

    There should be a ship going from Tindrem harbour to sarducaan shores and another one from Meduli harbour. Or maybe one ship following from Tindrem to Meduli along the coast and then to Sarducca. There and back, waiting for around ten minutes at every stop.
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    Next few major patches?

    I would very much like to see this too.
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    Make Tindrem buildings enterable

    Please, make buildings in Tindrem enterable including great library. There should be unlocked doors, open windows, fireplaces and some furniture in houses. The first floors of some buildings (especially those on the main street leading from gates to Palace) should be occupied with public...
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    Tindrem is alive

    Long lives the glorious city of Tindrem! Finally a small part of its former glory is returing to it. Its magnifisence requires its streets to be crowded.
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    Trip to Tindrem

    There should be stairs so that people would be able to scale the walls of Tindrem from inside and defend city. Also should be able to enter towers between wall sections.
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    Make spamming campfires bannable.

    It can work to make only several campfires in view to emit light, but still need to prohibit spamming campfires in banks and narrow entrances to public places.
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    Make spamming campfires bannable.

    1. There should be zones where placing campfires is prohibited, like banks and other public places. 2. Also it shouldn't be allowed to deploy campfire in certain radius of another campfire to avoid concentration of them making lags and using them to build barriers. This will solve all...
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    Make cannibalism viable!

    Where only is a lictor when you need one?(
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    Make cannibalism viable!

    Cannibalism is a capital offence in Tindremic Empire! Cannibals should eventually become red from eating human flesh and be exiled from the most civilized city of Tindrem. Them and the disgusting persons who feed on dead fleash at the graveyard and then vomit everywhere. Through cannibals can...
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    Total War: Warhammer

    I remember I played Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat strategy around 20 years ago. Didn't impress me at all. Next Warhammer series I played was Dawn of War, which I like very much. It is one of the bast RTS I played. I never played any tabletop games and have not a single miniture, but I love...
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    It has been released several days ago. What can you say about it? Links:
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    Am I dead?

    You are dead and your soul is cursed to live on Mortal Online server for the rest of eternity.
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    sv please fix the problems in ghost mode

    Switch ghost mode off at all. It is useless and annoying. After death just give a screen like this: