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    Discussion on MO2 skill pool separation (trade/combat)

    I like the separation of skillpoints and 1 character per account. Being out mining on your extracter in MO1 and being atacked or being caught at the blast furnace extracting you only had one option: try to ride away. In MO2 you can actually fight for your life and goods. Or the other way...
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    Najwalaylah #1

    LMAO got em!
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    Hardcore MMO's: What could they do better?

    i think "softcore themepark game" is a bit of an exaggeration, but MO sure became less hardcore over the years, mainly through walled pallisades, personal NPCs that fight for you and easier, safer gold farming methods...
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    Problem with mo2 population

    Sub is needed. No f2p
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    whats calx island? whorehouse island?
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    bakti train!

    Good vid! love to see some Bakti pvp
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    MO2 subliminal

    Are those screenshots from the trailer?
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    Compendium of things Henrik said on discord

    @Henrik Nystrom Can you tell a bit about what kind of bonuses you have in mind? Like point bonus to certain skills? Attribute bonus? Dmg bonus with certain weapons/magic? Something entirely different?
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    Wardecs in MO2

    Wardecs used to be a cool and exciting thing back before TC. Ofc it was also used as a griefing tool. Would be cool to see a forced wardec system back in some form with some changes though. Maybe only being able to wardec guilds in a town your guild owns (the wardec only being active in that...
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    Mortal Online 2 Website is up

    Those weapon models look so good! Also the trees, the characters and everything o_O:eek:
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    Account Necro After 7+ Years. Gonna Need Counseling!

    Welcome back. Check out the guild ASH, based in Bakti and will surely help you with getting back into things. If you have Discord, you can contact DanteDelCaro#3591 (Leader of ASH)
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    Mortal Online 2 - Wishlist

    Great Idea imo.
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    Mortal Online 2?

    Where do you take this info from?
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    Mortal Online 2?

    How can "finalizing" a website take longer than a week? Especially with a bigger team now. No biggie, but makes you wonder...
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    Are we making Flakestone sexy again?

    Why? Are there no Mobs to butcher on the island that give ironbone, incisium or scales?