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    New Player seeking friendly community to play with

    And what type of person you are.
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    Looking For Guild - Detailed Thread

    Consider rerolling your fighter into a thurkhur 180cm age 23, more superior stats and thats what everyone rolls anyway.
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    Counter strike

    I'm global atm and working on a supreme acc atm that i'm gonna bring up to global soon, ez money ez life.
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    Selling Cronite and Enhanced Cronite Spears

    ird, Dec 31, 2014
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    Master Thief strikes again

    Great shit dude, you've learned well from all those meme videos.
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    Walkaria The Meek

    can someone pm me and tell me what they key does? and you, i want to hear what you think it's used for, please pm me.
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    Dismount so OP !!!

    still wrong.
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    Dismount so OP !!!

    You need a different weapon too, that weapon is shit for dismounting, try different handles, also.. I've seen stout veelas dismounting people. It happens.
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    Authoring & Publishing Books

    It'd also be nice if lets say, you submit a book, you could see the status of the book. It'd say something like [PENDING] or [ACCEPTED] or [REJECTED] so you knew if you had to re-write your book or not. And if your book passed the requirements.
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    RPK's Statement of Neutrality

    this thread is derailed, mods close plzz
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    RAIN siege, mission accomplished.

    You're still a straight turd for making a post like that.
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    RAIN siege, mission accomplished.

    Lmao, you're a pussy dude, it's a videogame and even then you feel its too overwhelming because you couldn't predict that your actions could have some kind of backlash, get the fuck out of here. edit: This was directed towards jakkob, fucking mods taking my comment out of context.
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    [Loki] vs [Rain]: a regional conflict - part 10

    l0l edit: no really, that's pathetic on jakkobs part.
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    Make Sarducca and Myrland equal

    You never know.