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    MO2 FAQ

    Yeah i guess it would be nice to value a crafter vs just saying anyone can make cron swords? via guild chat. And the equipment would have some meaning so death would hurt a little more vs them just being shit out.
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    Mortal Online 2 on Google Stadia

    its just the ping would be fucked. This is not a solo Fps its a mmo game so on top of the lag you’d normally get you would have the lag from the strata and it would not be pretty. Even if they programmed the game to be a little slower so it could compensate it wouldn’t be want mo was.
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    MO2 FAQ

    I like the idea where its a little minigame and you have to hit it at a certain time for the best results but unless its random people will just make a macro for it and it just becomes another tedious thing to do in a game. If weapons didn’t wear out a fast as thry did in mo1 then it definitely...
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    MO2 FAQ

    I dont but i want to believe motherfucker. Dont kill my dreams with your negativity.
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    MO2 FAQ

    if it took that long to make a sword there wouldnt be any on the broker. Who wants to sit around all day makings swords?
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    Will butchery be reworked in MO2?

    Would be fucking irritating. Game is for pvp not living in 1400’s online. You can hang a pig in a tree upside down and butcher it just as easy as if it was hanging from a chain. And youd only hang it to bleed it the probably just put it on the ground or table. The ground might take longer but...
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    Mortal Online 2

    Thanks, it looks killa!
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    MO2 Art Assets

    Imo atleast the towns should have a more unique feeling but random outposts and tc can have w/e. It was cool in mo to have every town have its own personality and everyone had their own opinion which was the best town. I haven’t played yet so i dont know if its like that or not.
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    Mortal Online 2

    What gpu are you running for 70 fps? I nedd to know so i can buy one mine just crapped out.
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    New Fabernum Backdrop MO 2 Alpha

    Fuck no the hard way or nothing, we pieces of shit deserve nothing! Nothing!!
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    Mortal Online 2 Max vs Min Graphics Closed Alpha 4K

    Thank bro! I think before you said you have a 2080 ti? Whats your avg frame rates?
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    MO 2 Alpha Feedback(April 28)

    Shit my bad that’s definitely enough to fund a new mmo.
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    MO 2 Alpha Feedback(April 28)

    Whos we though? The 30 people who still follow the forums?
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    MO 2 Alpha Feedback(April 28)

    Yeah but who has more players mo or mordal or w/e. They have to cater to a bigger player base then what they have now. I havent tried it yet from what ive seen maybe it could be a little faster but it cant be how it was where eu owned everyone else. That kind of combat is what everyone seems to...
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    MO2 Combat Alpha - Inquiry

    Heyyy madafucka! How you doin chief? Nah my gpu died gonna wait till the alpha vids come in before i buy another one. But ill be there for mo2.