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    Bringing Down the Brotherhood

    wasn't Bilthor part of that douchery with the house and guards right at tindrem gate?
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    Statement from the RPK opposition

    "Use them and then lose them" - Alie 2019
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    Statement from the RPK opposition

    It’s more like PvE with the amount of pets you guys bring, yourself included
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    Statement from the RPK opposition

    MtGrym was actually to be deconned I was in comms I heard Aku say Deconned it all myself, I’m not sure if you are trying to fool people or if you actually believe what you are saying.
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    Statement from the RPK opposition

    Didn't you capture MtGrym while Aku's side was deconning stuff and then you tried to grab the pet relic to put back on top of a guarded mountain.
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    An Advice For The New Boys

    the picture makes no sense, you can die, get banished and die again to the guy waiting for you at the priest.
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    Why was MO development split between 3 games?

    It’s kind of a slap in the face to the players that have been here for so long.
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    Mortal Online - PvP 7/21/2019

    Good fight. I had some gear made so I won’t be naked next time.
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    Looking forward to MO2?

    If wealth in any form transfers to MO2 launch will be a very sad day. I have hope for the game....cautious hope
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    What about Mortal?

    I agree, though I fear it will be too late. Players creating loads of accounts because of no cap would be an issue I could see coming up.
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    The Escape from Tri Lakes 2018-07-25

    Best video on here since 2015.... ;)
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    FORUM WAR!!!!

    Faeran favoritism! ;)
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    FORUM WAR!!!!

    So forums got a semi wipe.....;)
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    Patch Notes

    Blunt weapon crafting and blunt weapon head crafting both primaries