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    Parkour | Year 4 (My Progression Video)

    Thank you! If you guys enjoy my videos please subscribe. There are videos incoming form my trip around the country and in Europe!
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    Follow me.....

    Only if you subscribe to me :P
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    No map of Sarduca

    Please no DEV maps! Let the players figure it out.
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    Parkour | Year 4 (My Progression Video)

    Catastrophic injury rates in the community are actually quite low. Most people take progression very slowly and are fine with walking away from something if it scares them too badly. A lot of injuries appear in the form of overuse in the patella or ankles. Nowadays Parkour practitioners are...
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    Your Favorite Group or Large Battle Video

    I am under the impression that AQ had the most one-sided fights in Mortal Online history (I have been gone for a year and a half, so please correct me if I'm wrong). While we're here we should share some battle stories. My story will be done in a bit. You guys know I have to give it an epic...
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    Parkour | Year 4 (My Progression Video)

    Actually I've had the same pair for all four years! They fit perfectly on my face :D If you are somewhere in Europe I can help you find the nearest Parkour community.
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    Parkour | Year 4 (My Progression Video)

    This isn't the most impressive thing in the world, but I'm working hard at it. Hopefully next year I'll have something more impressive for you guys! If you guys enjoy that then check out "Adventure Time 2014". I traveled a decent bit last year, met up with friends, and trained my legs off...
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    Your Favorite Group or Large Battle Video

    There is a special place in my heart for those moments when two competent groups go head to head in battle. What were you favorite small or big group battles in Mortal Online?
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    ID vs RPK. Good Fight !

    Whoever the battle commander was did one hell of a job. Excellent organized retreat down the mountain
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    Yay more dungeons!
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    Random thread about weight gain/loss

    The most intense weight loss for me happened when I started a) Parkour b) really controlling my diet and c) Weight Lifting. A basic 5x5 for Deadlifts, Back Squats, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Dip, Pull Up, Chin Up will pretty much get you where you want to be in the first six months or so...
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    Indiegogo Campaign: Storytelling Through Parkour

    Hey Mortal Community, In 2013 I made the risky decision to quit. I quit a lot of things - my crappy job at a gas station in middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, my job doing 'volunteer hours' at a start up company - hell, I even quit Mortal Online. This was all to pursue my goal of living Parkour...
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    Territory Control

    Good to know. Thanks! Are there NPC cities or camps with player structures around them? The last time I saw Meduli in person there were a few player houses on the outskirts of the city. I can't imagine what it's like now .
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    Territory Control

    "Watchtown" ... are there other major villages? What are the notable ones? Is there a map I can check out? I'm assuming players can name their towns now?