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    Fresh PvP - Siege fight

    You schooled them! Looked like a lot of fun!
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    Suggestion - make it less rewarding to spin around in MO2

    They should make swings take less time to charge, that would help. It will be nice when they fix the sound so you can hear whether the person parried you or not, as well.
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    Beware's MO2 Feedback Thread

    You wouldn't want W key to be for overhead attack or when you are running you would only ever be able to use the overhead attack. The key to trigger a thrust or center block seems to have to be held for too long, it is unwieldy (almost 2 seconds.) The way it is in MO1 is better, you only have...
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    MO 2 Alpha Feedback(April 28)

    Did they patch or change the speed today? I played a little at lunch break and it seemed a lot faster and smoother and better. I notice I had to make a new char as well.
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    Mortal Online 2 Graphic Compare to Mortal Online 1

    It requires too much of the graphics card, and kind of "frys" the colors.
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    MO2 feedback

    @Herius @Sebastian Persson This is a very big issue. I have a 1660TI and with only MO2 running my GPU is running at 99% with the game on lowest settings on the lowest resolution.
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    April 27 - Mortal Online 2 Feedback

    You can change a setting to use keys to choose between which direction to swing or block. It is very slow and clunky to use the mouse, hopefully they will improve it because I prefer to use the mouse.
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    MO 2 Alpha Feedback(April 28)

    As he said above, we don't need another M&B, or life is fuedal, or Mordhau, or Chivalry, etc. The combat system of MO1 is it's most unique feature and without it it won't really be like playing MO. The desync is much less than in MO1 so speed and smooth movement will be fine.
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    Alliance system.

    SV, please remove or rework the alliance system. It sounded good in theory, but it's result has been the addition of thousands of more guards into the game. It is to the point now that the best way to either siege or defend is to build (see for example the dueling guard zones when X took down...
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    Where do you get reroll tokens?

    Donate 10$ on the MO website on the account that you want the token for. Then claim it like you would a cape, in the escape menu in game on the character that you want to use it for.
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    daily dose of pvp

    Props to you all for sieging in US prime time. Good fights, nice not to miss them.
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    Can't login into main website

    You will want to contact a GM directly so that they can unlock it for you. It might be faster to do so on Discord.
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    Petty risar soldier never forgets.

    Yes, it is very hard to get people back once they go. If you manage to get people back, they are likely to quit over even smaller things the next time. What time of day is the pvp usually in Meduli? I go past there on most days and there are maybe a couple people chopping wood in town or...
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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    Petty risar soldier never forgets.

    I didn't start until 2013, there was always a short blockade in the time that I have played. I remember all of those things and I know that they are other reasons that people quit. Death knights are just the most recent thing to turn people off from the game. I look around the world now in US...