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    A Treasure of a Sort!.

    well obviously this poor guy not know ICH jajajaja. I glad read you last post, you was a true legend ming. i will never forget you!
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    WTS Blackwood, Brownwood, Dapplewood, Spongewood, Greywood

    what amount you have? I can trade you for RUBENS
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    trading RUBENS for Mo1 items!

    Royal tindrem bank is a venerable institution! we always work to offer ideas to MYrland!
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    trading RUBENS for Mo1 items!

    exact. So it is time to divert part of that wealth and save the time invested in creating it. My system will allow you to retain part of that value. I invite you to use RUBBENS! the currency of the future for MO2 !!
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    trading RUBENS for Mo1 items!

    scam with me? Imposible.
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    trading RUBENS for Mo1 items!

    I trade RUBENS for mo1 item.
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    you boring?
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    Najwalaylah #1

    i hope not dead. Poor lady. Ey speznat you will play MO2? if you play not forget pm me when all begin ok? i have plans... xd You know if ichorus will play?
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    Najwalaylah #1

    How many players have fallen in real life? You know the dead. I only know two. One, old Lyfender, who was always a good friend to me. I rummaged many times with him. I mourned his death. Then another boy, a US military man to whom I sold a keep. I do not remember his name. I knew he died. He had...
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    Najwalaylah #1

    Very good and old friends in this post. I add my respect to Najwalaylah. It was his texts that inspired me to embrace the faith of Soldeus after a life in Myrland, dedicated to the most impudent activities, the search for wealth and power. Soldeus and his teachings have helped me moderate my...
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    I found the dragon!

    the only thing you could find is a pellet.
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    Roleplay in 2020

    Myrland is as it is. If you play this game you cannot expect to be respected or that people do things as you wish. It's useless. This is a wild land, which resists civilization and where violence and brutality are the order of the day. It is up to each one to make his way and choose how to act...
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    MO2 FAQ

    and not forget the bankers! ajajjaa
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    MO2 FAQ

    Maybe, but i am in alfa, and game look promise. Very interesting