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    Reign of Kings

    I'm sure the guys I play with would give it a try so long as there isn't a ton of choppiness or lag.
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    Pay(Gold) to win?!

    I love over-exaggeration to help win arguments too.
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    Reign of Kings

    30-40 man servers. Saw 1 64 man server.
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    Reign of Kings

    Yeah, its about the same as a few games but this one is enjoyable enough to spend 20 bucks on unlike most. I honestly think it's the best $20 I've spent in a while. Especially considering I sub 3 MO accounts...
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    Reign of Kings

    Played for an unspeakable amount of time today with a few others. Game is pretty fun for $20. First hut and first prisoners: Played for hours, took kingship on 3 separate servers, often killing 5+ with our 3 in garbage gear. Last screenshot taken of the night. Killed this group of 5 guys...
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    [BAKTI] - WTB Cotton or Silk

    You know you can buy cotton on the leather vendor by south gate yeah? 5c per unit I believe.
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    "Mass" pvp weapon

    Go without blocking.
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    lockpicks in bakti

    will pay double what they buy for
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    Godkin's Thread of Crazy Fu%king Ideas for MO

    if lightning struck someone in metal armor I dont think they'd be hurt
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    Screenshot of the Month Suggestions & Discussions

    Path of light isn't a 'minor' adjustment.
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    Mortal Online Profit up/down

    Sports cars large houses and lavish parties.
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    Godkin's Thread of Crazy Fu%king Ideas for MO

    I want some sort of drawing/designing system for making a coat of arms and then the ability to put said coat of arms on shields/tabards.
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    Is this game good yet?

    Put a garbage player in steel armor with a weapon whos handle hits for 30 and point him in a direction. Heavy armor = 0 penalty except fall damage increase which is only really useful in certain situations. Blocking is trash, you can't block multiple people because you'll stam out way before...
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    CROM 4 v 4 KOTO (Mounted Fight)

    ey bawsssss
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    Must just be troll sig. Ty for clarification.