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    Mortal Online 2 Discussion

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    Server limits

    not bad
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    SV seriously ? 15 min waiting time with subbed account ?

    Or maybe he read 15 min wait, he instead wait 1min but think 15 min passed :D
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    Wild Terra: MMO-sandbox in medieval setting with player-driven world. Early Access.

    Sebastian, the game is made with Phaser in javascript and wrapped with node webkit:D You would made a game like this in a gamejam :-P
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    Still having login issues

    You don't remember the real release of mo where people were not able to walk because everyone spawned in fabernum? You want the same again?
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    Freaking Server

    They wanted to be on steam 5 days ago...
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    Freaking Server

    ah, good to know. I was pretty sure about this :-P
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    Freaking Server

    no, that it's something a lot complicated to implement with a code that is so big. Oh, and AWS works on linux if I'm not wrong and Atlas is on windows. I may be wrong but I'm 99% sure.
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    Freaking Server

    it's not like... you develop a software and you can add it in amazon AWS. You need to use Amazon AWS api in you software for make it scalable and I don't think Atlas have this feature.
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    support YOUR game

    BSOD are not cause by the game. If you have bsod 80% is hardware issue, 20% drivers.
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    steam launch
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    steam launch

    I'm loving the reviews... -Opened Options... -Turned on Nudity -Logged in -Created Bruly Half Man Orc -Spawn into world -Saw naked girl picking gatherables -Talked to girl -Invited to Guild and Teamspeak -Found out real girl's play Mortal. ♥♥♥♥'s better then Tinder.
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    steam launch

    sv have not uploaded the wrong file as the pop up for asking you if you wanto to install is not working...
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    steam launch

    Yes, this and other errors happened to many others developers on steam... and only valve was able to fix the problems because it was a valve problem.