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    About Ingame GM Mortal Online 1

    In one of his streams Henrik mentioned something like a final event before shutdown. I think this could be in the days before release of MO2, maybe during the weekend January 22/23. But there is nothing official yet.
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    About Ingame GM Mortal Online 1

    MO1 will be closed in a few weeks. Better start with MO2.
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    Lashaniqua says goodbye to Mortal Online 1

    Will we see you again in MO2?
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    Can i come back?

    Don't you know about the near persistent state of MO2? The official stress test is starting tomorrow, and the world of MO2 is already really crowded.
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    What really killed Mortal Online??

    Announcement of MO2 killed MO1. Activity went down to almost zero, only a small number of players staying active.
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    Anyone still play Mortal Online 1 can help me with PvE content? Need some fighters since I can't solo as a mage

    For Animal Magnestism you have to open a chest in the Sator dungeon with low drop chance (from all I know). And i don't know the chest. You will need at least one lock picker in the group, and all players must agree to run through the dungeon for several times. Could be easier to find a player...
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    How do you think MO 1 will end?

    Without any players logged into the game? StarVault should announce a free weekend for all accounts. 48 hours or big fights until shut down.
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    About Mortal Online Broker and HelpChat.

    Unless you want to do more than just try the game you don't need to subscribe. Better try to get access to MO2 alpha.
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    About Mortal Online Broker and HelpChat.

    Not yet in current alpha test state. But ecu spells are planned for release.
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    About Mortal Online Broker and HelpChat.

    Yes, MO1 is closed after (or with?) release of MO2.
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    About Mortal Online Broker and HelpChat.

    Because nobody is playing some month before shutdown of the game. Everybody is waiting for the release of MO2 end of this year, see
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    MIGS destroyed!

    What a mess: The destroyer of MIGS in Sarducaa, who ever it was, already lost the new guild house due to unpaid taxes. Sieging for nothing? Coming to the end of MO1.
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    MIGS destroyed!

    Interesting to see players sieging during the final months of MO: Somebody destroyed our nice old black tower in the Sarducaa jungle! I think CornelianMonestary must be one of the last active guilds on the server. I hoped to get our black tower till shut down of MO and logged in once or twice...
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    Killed on Haven

    Sorry about that, but are you sure you did not attack the red player or his pet first? Experienced players sometimes use "blue blocking" means they run into your hit. On the other hand, is there really a red player on Haven during this low population period some month before end of this game...
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    Risars in Sarducca?

    Not always, but there are some bandit camps or Sator camps as random event.