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  1. Xunila

    MIGS destroyed!

    Interesting to see players sieging during the final months of MO: Somebody destroyed our nice old black tower in the Sarducaa jungle! I think CornelianMonestary must be one of the last active guilds on the server. I hoped to get our black tower till shut down of MO and logged in once or twice...
  2. Xunila

    Statistics website does not update since March

    There has been no update of and also of the pylons in April. Last update has probably been on March 31.
  3. Xunila

    Funny picture: Disadvantage of fixed door placement

    Impossible to rotate the door to another wall:
  4. Xunila

    Correlation between sold bows and player activity

    In my opinion the number of crafted and sold bows by my bowcrafter correlates with the general in-game player activity! I'm selling bows in Beth Jedda and crafting new bows whenever the broker gets empty. From time to time I'm also selling bows in other cities or crafting for guild mates. The...
  5. Xunila

    The fight for the Ratzar Killer Title

    See statistics on The top 5 Ratzar killers at December 31 2018 have been: 1. Moreen: 1839 2. Yogver: 1668 3. Firststrike: 1658 4. SinReaper: 1548 5. pulce: 1449 At that time I decided to go for the title. In March 2019 I reached the top 20 and...
  6. Xunila

    WTB good bows in Haven

    Is there already a subscribed bow crafter in Haven willing to sell mainland standard bows?
  7. Xunila

    Fix broker display: restrict to the continent

    This bug exists since release of the second continent, Sarducaa. It always has been funny but I would think, the bug is very strange for new players! The broker does not list the items from the current city and from the nearby TC brokers in the "local city" default filter. But the broker also...
  8. Xunila

    Location of scrolls

    I have been looking for a list of the locations of all/most scrolls. There are only four magic schools with unknown scroll locations for me, all other schools are either known from forum posts or from own lockpicking and drops. I don't know if there ever has been such a location list in the...
  9. Xunila

    Broker does not list new items

    Not even after some hours. Please restart the "broker item server"!
  10. Xunila

    Player statistics don't update

    Probably since Monday:
  11. Xunila

    Oldest player building in MO

    I came to this question because the house of a guild mate has been sieged this week after seven years. So which house or keep is the oldest (or one of the oldest) in the game? From my opinion today's NWO keep on the jungle island could be the oldest building: When I sold the former ODIN keep to...
  12. Xunila

    Help does not load

    Only entries in the help dialog are combat and magic and when you click one of them "Loading..." appears.
  13. Xunila

    WTB Bediai Hunter Armor Book

    In Beth Jedda or Belrim. Please PM.
  14. Xunila

    Houses INSIDE the walls of Tindrem

    Why is this allowed? I already hated the houses inside of Vadda, but a minute ago I found this two houses:
  15. Xunila

    Loot table of raffle bags

    After looting about 1000 raffle bags I want to post my little statistics about the stuff I looted so far: In general about every 50th bag gives something else than 1 silver. Easy to count the total number of looted bags because of the 1 silver coin as minimum loot. This coin is replaced in case...
  16. Xunila

    House transfer will always throw the guild stone?

    My problem: House owner and guild leader are on the same account but different characters. I want to transfer the house to the guild leader because the house owner character will be deleted soon. Will even in this case (house owner not equal to guild leader and not even a guild member) the...
  17. Xunila

    Titles in MO

    After getting a new title today I searched for my old copy of a list from the lost forum and found this. Please feel free to add the missing values and titles. Blue Kills: ? (10), Wicked (25), Vile (75), Nefarious (150), Atrocious (250), Heinous (500), Dread Lord/Lady (1000)...
  18. Xunila

    WTS priest and shrine deeds in Beth Jedda

    Selling on request in Beth Jedda or at the veredari next to my house near Beth Jedda at the dragon hill.
  19. Xunila

    Display house owner

    Please display the name of the house owner at least for players on the co-owner list. Sometimes it is very difficult to restore the information about the house ownership after long time when one wants to transfer a house.
  20. Xunila

    WTS bows in Beth Jedda

    I'm refilling the broker in Beth Jedda almost every or every second day with asymmetric bows for different strength values. On special requests please contact me by PM.