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  1. ird

    WTB slashing/pierce enhancements

    6g per on pickup, 8g per if you move em to vadda for me, pm me.
  2. ird

    WTB saburra powder

    15 stacks, in vadda, pm me.
  3. ird

    Sarducaa Update 30/1 Discussion

    Link to announcment below Link to official news on the official mortal website What do you guys think about these screenshots? I think this one...
  4. ird

    wtb flawless enhancments

    as title says, blunt and slash.
  5. ird

    wtb blunt / slash whetstones

    as title says, looking to buy a lot of blunt/slash whetstones. pm me price thx
  6. ird

    wtb molarium

    40g/stack, in vadda pls, ty. 5 stacks.
  7. ird

    wtb lupium

    as title says, pm me with price per K.
  8. ird

    selling vet capes

    490g anywhere pm.
  9. ird

    Almine book delivered to MK

    as title says buying almine book, 20g in morin khur pm if interested.
  10. ird

    wtb lion shields

    as title says, pm me with price, quantity and location!
  11. ird

    WTS grandmaster breeders

    75g each for all 8 of them, or 100g per if you're not buying all of them at once.
  12. ird

    wtb pansar scales

    wtb pansar scales 150g per stack ty
  13. ird

    WTB khur and tind lictor sets

    Pm me offers. I pay delivery fees if necessary.
  14. ird

    WTB Lion shields

    WTB lion shields, anywhere, pm me price and location. Also, buying flawless whetstones.
  15. ird

    wtb bulk

    stam food and hp food pm
  16. ird

    WTB Cuprum,WHETSTONES, Saburra powder

    As title says, looking to purchase a few stacks of cuprum, few stacks of saburra and up to 120 + flawless whetstones, please message me with what you have.
  17. ird

    Could we have a list of all lockpickable chests?

    And locations?
  18. ird

    WTS Sator spears

    48 of them, 3g each. Delivery anywhere, no delivery fees.
  19. ird

    buyin woods also trading...

    Looking to buy any of these woods, dapplewood, brownwood blackwood. Pm with your prices and we will work something out, I'm offering cronite, steel or gold towards the trades.
  20. ird

    wtb breeding pair

    540+ max speed in 3rd gear and a mix of high str and low str low/high weight and size is also preferred. has to be level 25-40, but the speed doesnt have to be that high and the stats dont have to be maxed at 25-40, its good enough if they're maxed at ~90.