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  1. longhairdfreak

    What are the chances that Starvault will add a cheap upgrade option to FTP account logging in?

    It might be worth it to SV to take a $5-$10 fee payable on each FTP account to prevent the 1 log in per day function. It would be an easy cash grab for them, and fully worth it to players like myself that have no reason to fully sub these accounts on top of my current 3 subs, but add...
  2. longhairdfreak

    Hey guys, so how is the new continent?

    Have not been keeping up, but am interested in knowing peoples views and adventures so far. Thanks for any posts. Vynn.
  3. longhairdfreak

    H1z1 early access released 2 minutes ago

    Just an FYI in case anyone was interested.
  4. longhairdfreak

    Wanting to sell 16 Topaz for 175g, less than 11 each Vadda

    Looking to make a quick sell on 16 topaz, 11 gold each if it come quick in Vadda
  5. longhairdfreak

    selling 10 lion shields in vadda

    45g for the batch
  6. longhairdfreak

    Selling some topaz in vadda

    I have about 15. 14g each. I also have about 14 amethyst I will sell for vendor cost if anyone is interested in the next 2 hours or so. I'll edit this post and vendor them at that time.
  7. longhairdfreak

    PC on some items

    Magnaton sword Risar axe Mag brains: green red black
  8. longhairdfreak

    PC on red bleckblend pls

    As the title says, red bleckblend, not sure of value.
  9. longhairdfreak

    Wts sell red bleckblend and galbinum in vadda

    I have 39467 galbinum and 48947 red bleckblend. 350g for the bundle of galbinum but not sure of the value of the red bleckblend. I'll post a PC after this post, see if I can get some help on that.
  10. longhairdfreak

    can a free to play trade gems to a pay to play?

    I have gems on a now free to play account. I understand there is trading restrictions, but never had to look into it further. So as the title says, can a free to play trade to a pay to play, or are free to plays not able to trade them at all. Or is it, they simply cannot accept them?
  11. longhairdfreak

    PC on some portables and such

    natorus Fabricula attractor and somniferum
  12. longhairdfreak

    Been away and am not up to date of rates

    Full stacks or per K is fine PC on the following please. In vadda if it makes any difference. great horn molarium incisium ironbone compact horn blood ore amarantum Keeled scale horned scale plate scale granum ironsilk spongewood gaurd fur iron wool Lion shields Amethyst topaz I might have to...
  13. longhairdfreak

    PC tower shop and so workbench deeds

    Like bowcrafting and armor crafting station deeds.
  14. longhairdfreak

    Is 1g per Ogh ingot still a fair price?

    There are a few posts that suggest it, but I'd like confirmation.
  15. longhairdfreak

    Is there any special requirements to dominate a rock golem?

    I have a new dominator in my clan, and I have a huge hole in my knowledge when it comes to dominating. Can anyone let me know if there are additional lores other than jotuni lore? That is the one thing I was told was needed, but then someone told me kimurite lore is needed, so I thought I'd just...
  16. longhairdfreak

    WTB a stack of Ironsilk in Vadda

    I understand 300g is about the going rate plus delivery fee. Let me know how much to deliver to vadda, either here or in PM. Thanks in advance.
  17. longhairdfreak

    WTB some horned scales in Vadda

    I need 2 stacks at least, but might take more if the price is right. Let me know the price and once confirmed, it could be cod'd to Vynn.
  18. longhairdfreak

    Patch Note discussion Jan 4
  19. longhairdfreak

    Wand Crafting and weapon system. Can a dev tell me if this is possible?

    Might be a TL;DR but I got to thinking while trying to have a snooze. I propose a new crafting and weapon system: Wands. There would be 3 material slots while crafting, the shaft (wood), the core (anything) and an optional tip, which would be a gem. Different core and shaft combinations...
  20. longhairdfreak

    Small adjustments to the magic spells. Love to hear a dev's response

    I am suggesting we make a few adjustments to a few of the games spells. I suggest we make a few of the lesser powerful spells projectile based (Using the same mechanic as arrows), such as fireball, spurt and lesser heal and in a similar way, make lightning a straight lash 15 feet in front of the...