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  1. Gronil

    Gamal location

    What area of Sarducca can I find Koch and Horba Gamals in? I found Ruah and Erets but haven’t been able to find the others yet. I want to breed some gamals to PVP on. Thanks for any info. :)
  2. Gronil

    PC Mecenary Veteran Contract

  3. Gronil

    Where to obtain Ether Portal Scroll?

    Where do you get it?
  4. Gronil

    Horse teleporting after dismounting

    I was thrown off my horse after stopping on a character with no riding. While walking away my horse started teleporting to me. I was unable to tell it to stay, or mount it. I tried to relog in order to fix it, however it just said my pet was out of range and I was forced to contact a gm.
  5. Gronil

    Info about Thursar Plate Armor Book

    Looking for info about obtaining the book.
  6. Gronil

    WTS Wood

    In Tindrem 1 Blackwood Stack 1 Dapplewood Stack
  7. Gronil

    WTB in Tindrem

    Keeled Scale Stack Molarium Stack Horned Scale Stack Guard Fur Stack IB Stack Iron Wool Stack
  8. Gronil

    PC Different Scales

    Per stack Keeled: ? Horned: ? Plate: ? Pansar: ? Interested in the price of fish scales as well
  9. Gronil

    PC Sarducaan Armors

    Stadius: Around 200-300G I think Guard: 200-300G As well? Cultist: ? Thursar Plate: ? Dal Roba: ?
  10. Gronil

    PC Dracon Book

    Out of curiosity