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    WTB 3 Stacks of Waterstone.

    In MK, 300g per. COD to StormrRider or pm.
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    2 Stacks of Guard Fur 1 stack of Spongewood 1 Stack Stam food. ( Preferably beer for health and stam) In Vadda please. Pm on the forums, or reply in this ezzzzzzzzzz
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    chief judge looking for guild.

    Slayed more kids than I can count,lead numerous forces in coms, looking for a challenge and a need to better themselves. # never lost a war, #best group fighter from LAW/ONYX days. # sticky back king. Pm me.
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    WTB Direptor Book.

    In Vadda. Pm me.
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    DF 1.0 Petition I know there has always been a little bit of bad blood for some between the two games, but to those that enjoyed the original and others that wish they tried it, make your voice heard. I dont know what difference it will truly make...
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    The Dark Judges - ONYX

    Onyx is rehash of the guild LAW which you all knew and loved ( HA! ) After much drama on the forums, the leadership grew tired of the hassle that a true arpk guild requires, so enter the Dark Judges " Where living is the crime, and the sentence is death" We are a heavily focused pvp guild that...
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    WTB Flawless Blunt Whetstones.

    Pm with offers.
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    WTS Master Stone Cutter.

    150g pm me.
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    WTB Calx Piles.

    9g per stack in vadda area. pm me.
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    Onyx vs ES

    Posting for Elite.
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    Cheap Metals in Vadda

    10k steel - 425g 4k tungsteel - 700g
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    Selling 3k Tungsteel.

    In Vadda, 200g per K. No counter offers wanted, this is the price I want.
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    LAW vs KUZ

    Posting for Elite. Great Fight to Kuz, we had 2 more, one being a brand new player that was just there for the experience. Was very back and forth and could of gone either way.
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    WTB stack of Maalite.

    Pm prices.
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    WTB Bull Horse Breeding pair.

    pm me.
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    WTB portable furnace.

    More than one if possible, pm plz.
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    WTB Guard Book

    Preferably in MK.
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    Selling cheap in mk.

    1 stack of steel - 400g 2 stacks of messing - 100g per.
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    A stack of Steel for a stack of Maalite + gold.
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    What time is it??