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    Wake the dragon(someday)

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    Check it out.
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    Thanks SV Team

    I just wanted to say, I've really been enjoying the combination usage of the elementalism school, the new fish that you can melee out in the world, and the general development lately. Keep up the great work guys.
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    Mortal's Spell Codex - Spiritism

    All spells listed below are listed with 120 int and max mental skills Reagents required: Calamine, Cuprum, Jadeite, Spirits
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    Mortal's Spell Codex - Necromancy

    All spells listed below are listed with 115 int, max mental skills, and max walker knowledge. Reagents required: Aabam, Bone Tissue, Emalj, Incisium, Molarium, Ritual Blood, Unholy Ash
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    Mortal's Spell Codex - Elementalism

    All spells listed below are listed with 113 int and max mental skills, with the exception of ice protector. Reagents required: Calamine, Cuprum, Gabore Powder, Flakestone, Gold Bar, Granum Powder, Nitre, Nyx, Oxygen Crystal, Purified Water, Silver Bar, Sulfur
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    Mortal's Spell Codex

    Adventure well, Mortals
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    Alt+Tabbing between 2 clients in windowed mode

    When alt+tabbing between 2 clients it causes with OS cursor to appear in one of the clients, making you have to click on the window to access the instance of MO. When doing this, it causes you to do a double click type action. This can cause you to- A.) Delete half a stack of skadite...
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    A few requests

    Hello! -It'd be great if we could input the number of items we want to buy on the buy orders with out using the arrows. If you're buying multiple stacks, such as 8, of something it takes about 2 minutes of holding down the mouse to maximize the stack. -There are trees in the myrland jungle, as...
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    What is Mortal Online

    What is Mortal Online? As of late there seems to be a lot more remove this and remove that, because it is too powerful. The major issue tends to keep coming back to one thing. My style of play is the best, I should be viable in any situation no matter what. I disagree. No matter what that...
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    Hayasa, you are MERMAIDER