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  1. OldGreg

    Worst PvP Guild 2013!

    I hate that Guts clan so much, HATE YOU ALL!
  2. OldGreg

    I've been sent from another dimension

    All hail King Bofis!
  3. OldGreg

    Darkfall: unholy wars

    Anyone who has ever played Darkfall before knew this was going to happen, hopefully they make up for the delayed time by communicating and trying to engage their community.
  4. OldGreg

    The Real Awakening Mega-Thread

    Holy shit, tried maximum settings for shits and giggles and I got 60+ FPS so far outside Fab, need to get on a character that's not red, though. :P
  5. OldGreg

    The Real Awakening Mega-Thread

    Spent 5 minutes downloading patches and so far 30+ minutes just "updating files", I need my fix before work!
  6. OldGreg

    Please keep Tindrem clear of horses, for their own good.

    I dislike putting down horses as much as the next person but someone has to do it. So in the interest of keeping the city clean, don't let your horse pay for your lazyness.
  7. OldGreg

    April 25 HotFix

    Interesting. Discord confirmed in IRC that this means you don't have to relog after declaring war, nice!
  8. OldGreg

    Hot fix 2012-3-19

    WTB Push bug fix