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  1. Oforiah

    Aussie players?

    ^^ there.
  2. Oforiah

    Aussie players?

    ID has a couple too
  3. Oforiah

    WTS 80K Incisium

    When incis was too heavy for most people as an armour choice it would still fetch 8g/k. Demand recently decreased the cost, I would not expect it to drop below 6g per in the current state of things. Plate generally hovered around 180 per stack coming from our stores over the years. Now being...
  4. Oforiah

    The whole Pet system is broken.

    Indeed, I'm aware of what was happening. I meant to say, was that included in the changes you were making, I appreciate your reply though thanks Seb, looking foward to many more of these more PVE focused patches.
  5. Oforiah

    TVshow suggestions

    Banshee is another worth a look. Currently halfway through the first season.
  6. Oforiah

    The whole Pet system is broken.

    When you say the node issues will that include the problem of mobs depth perception causing them to attempt to attack well outside of effective range seb?
  7. Oforiah


    Personally I have recently returned with 5 accounts subbed, sure there are alot of bugs and it can be very frustrating at times. But at the end of the day I couldn't leave the friends that I've made here to deal with that shit on their own. I must admit though it is very painful to see vets...
  8. Oforiah

    World Events; PVP focal points, Economy drivers, just plain old fun.

    Another risar invasion would be awesome.
  9. Oforiah

    5k Steel for Plarzmos in game characters

    Seems weve found a new niche market for awesome looking hats! A hat for whoever tells me who plarzmo is. . . A hat for me!
  10. Oforiah

    ES vs FOR

    Most of our guys are new that feature here. But seem to be embracing the game, maybe in the future we might even hold our own.
  11. Oforiah

    ES vs FOR

    Lol was fun mate. We ride pegasus, rare jungle mount.
  12. Oforiah

    Epic Adventurers Screenshot Contest - Part II

    Oh i have no doubt about that with these guys. Was curious is all.
  13. Oforiah

    Epic Adventurers Screenshot Contest - Part II

    Cool idea buddy, but do we find out the reward or.....?
  14. Oforiah

    A couple questions~

    For towns i would look at Bakti or Moh ki, bakti has the higher player base from my experience. Pve wise theres bandit camps/dungeon. 2 variants of the spider dungeon. Minotaurs and the clothos maiden queen. The thorax in the desert. The greater kimuru and risar camps in the north. And the sator...
  15. Oforiah

    Why My Subs Have Went Down From 9 accounts to 1

    All the best for ARMA mate, loved having ya round.
  16. Oforiah

    Sharing my Death Metal Music

    Very nice, lot of Opeth vs. Meshuggah feel through that one, loved it.
  17. Oforiah

    Women in the UFC!

    they've been going on for a while actually, maybe last 3 events?
  18. Oforiah


    What's this guy going to do when we get the molva back?
  19. Oforiah


    I havent bothered to test em since thy first came out. Would like to knw th mat usage