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  1. Roranicus

    Alliance system.

    SV, please remove or rework the alliance system. It sounded good in theory, but it's result has been the addition of thousands of more guards into the game. It is to the point now that the best way to either siege or defend is to build (see for example the dueling guard zones when X took down...
  2. Roranicus

    Potion Making Question.

    Have there been changes in the last year or two to the potion making system that would effect my old recipes? I tried making purify potion with my old recipe and it no longer works. I asked in help chat and someone had the same old recipe as me, so I know that it is the same way that I used to...
  3. Roranicus

    Can't log in.

    I keep getting this error message every time I try to log in: I reinstalled but it didn't change anything.
  4. Roranicus

    My MO won't start, it says "Failed to find file for package Core for async preloading."

    I have re-installed the game using steam but the problem persists. Anyone know how I can fix it? @Herius @Sebastian Persson @LGM Discord
  5. Roranicus


    Why put taxes in Vadda? Why wall off the backdrop? Lame. It is hard enough to get anyone to move out of Tind.
  6. Roranicus

    Question for Fall.

    Why are you blocking off Vadda? The backdrop is closed already and it isn't nice.
  7. Roranicus

    High Quality Faction Pvp.

    Good old Tindrem, never changes.
  8. Roranicus

    PC Lupium

    Anyone know the market price on lupium?
  9. Roranicus

    Notice Board.

    The Vadda notice board is broken, it never stops loading even though it seemingly lets you post, what you post doesn't ever actually show up.
  10. Roranicus

    WTB Horned Scales.

    I would like 2-3 stacks at Meduli or Tindrem. Make me a deal. (Never thought with all the breeding grounds full of shore prowlers that I would have to make a thread to buy horned scales!)
  11. Roranicus

    Rework trade broker experience, please.

    It would be nice if some work could be done on the trade broker ui/experience. I had heard at one point that things were being done to correct the tremendous lags that occur when adding or buying things on the trade broker? I had not used it for some months but now when I do I freeze for as...
  12. Roranicus

    Blackwood in Dye.

    I am trying to make black dye and a guide said to make it from blackwood. Has anyone tried this? I cannot seem to make blackwood into a potion. I have some blackwood lore (not lvl 100 yet) and full potion skills. I would be grateful for any advice. Thanks, ~Rorry
  13. Roranicus

    Bandit problem.

    When I fight bandits with my new character who uses swords (I have to get close to hit them) the bandit that uses a sword will run inside of me and hold me in place, making me unable to hit him or block or even move away for a few seconds, which gives the others a chance to beat on me a lot...
  14. Roranicus

    An idea to foster more pvp.

    What if you added to the relic system a relic that would drop each weekend, that would last only a week, would be attached to a guild stone or etc to benefit one guild. It would perhaps drop and not be able to be picked up for an hour and not able to be hauled on a pet. The point of it would not...
  15. Roranicus

    Appearing items.

    I have several times logged into a character and had items appear in my inventory that I had previously placed in a bank/storage. It is not always instant, once I had mounted and ridden my lyk to the stable and dismounted when a couple of stacks of stuff appeared and weighed me down. Another...
  16. Roranicus

    Idea for the improvement of the economy and of pvp.

    Have armor protection values affect the efficacy of a parry or block, and also of the strength of magic.
  17. Roranicus

    PC Saburra Powder

    Want to know the price in the north, if possible, thanks.
  18. Roranicus

    Not Enough Manna To Charge Your Spell Bug.

    Occasionally I receive this message when I use magic, even though my manna bar is full or nearly so. Sometimes it happens when I attempt to cast a spell, also, that is already charged. It may be related to the area of the map that I am in as well, because I have only had it happen when I was...