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  1. Rulant

    Reign of Kings

    I'm sure the guys I play with would give it a try so long as there isn't a ton of choppiness or lag.
  2. Rulant

    Pay(Gold) to win?!

    I love over-exaggeration to help win arguments too.
  3. Rulant

    Reign of Kings

    30-40 man servers. Saw 1 64 man server.
  4. Rulant

    Reign of Kings

    Yeah, its about the same as a few games but this one is enjoyable enough to spend 20 bucks on unlike most. I honestly think it's the best $20 I've spent in a while. Especially considering I sub 3 MO accounts...
  5. Rulant

    Reign of Kings

    Played for an unspeakable amount of time today with a few others. Game is pretty fun for $20. First hut and first prisoners: Played for hours, took kingship on 3 separate servers, often killing 5+ with our 3 in garbage gear. Last screenshot taken of the night. Killed this group of 5 guys...
  6. Rulant

    [BAKTI] - WTB Cotton or Silk

    You know you can buy cotton on the leather vendor by south gate yeah? 5c per unit I believe.
  7. Rulant

    "Mass" pvp weapon

    Go without blocking.
  8. Rulant

    lockpicks in bakti

    will pay double what they buy for
  9. Rulant

    Godkin's Thread of Crazy Fu%king Ideas for MO

    if lightning struck someone in metal armor I dont think they'd be hurt
  10. Rulant

    Screenshot of the Month Suggestions & Discussions

    Path of light isn't a 'minor' adjustment.
  11. Rulant

    Mortal Online Profit up/down

    Sports cars large houses and lavish parties.
  12. Rulant

    Godkin's Thread of Crazy Fu%king Ideas for MO

    I want some sort of drawing/designing system for making a coat of arms and then the ability to put said coat of arms on shields/tabards.
  13. Rulant

    Is this game good yet?

    Put a garbage player in steel armor with a weapon whos handle hits for 30 and point him in a direction. Heavy armor = 0 penalty except fall damage increase which is only really useful in certain situations. Blocking is trash, you can't block multiple people because you'll stam out way before...
  14. Rulant

    CROM 4 v 4 KOTO (Mounted Fight)

    ey bawsssss
  15. Rulant


    Must just be troll sig. Ty for clarification.
  16. Rulant


    Why would pai accept someone who didn't pay ichor loan back?
  17. Rulant

    LFG for a little french VET

    Thought so, just curious. GL.
  18. Rulant

    LFG for a little french VET

    This is tillinroi yeah?
  19. Rulant

    Extraction and Engineering services.

    Doing first level extraction of Calx/Saburra/Granum for 1/3rd of the yields. 50g to place any house/shed and 2 ts structures for 25g. PM.
  20. Rulant

    Quest for the Holy Grail Stream!!!

    Everyone in this game jumps right to personal insults whenever they're upset. All I did was say I agree with someone you dislike and it starts.