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  1. Dsn

    Death and Taxes..

    i would just hotfix it by having a bank outside of town... in case people have problems with the bank being closer to a reasourse or something i would lock it to just people that got blacklisted from that town.
  2. Dsn

    Plundering towns

    you didnt cook in the forum juice long enough if you have to ask those questions.
  3. Dsn

    Plundering towns

    guards respawn, guards are hard to kill, guards respawn faster the less of em there are. you need to be doing 1 exploit or another to do something like kill all guards. so yea would be nice if less stuff would actually affect players that are in zones considered semisafe then more.
  4. Dsn

    Plundering towns

    i was thinking more in terms of catapults...
  5. Dsn

    Plundering towns

    wouldnt go as far as to say its fine for npc towns..players usualy go around exploiting flows in the system and bam even less reason to use brocker. but yea if you want for player towns.
  6. Dsn

    About sea dew pots

    just edited.. i could send you my whole alchemy folder but i cant do that with someone who wasnt a member of the forum alchemy PM guild.
  7. Dsn

    About sea dew pots

    9 and 12 per 5 i think i do keep all the files anyone has ever posted on alchemy from the days of old. sadly not sure per how much that was of pu but from all the pictures having 5 size vials i assume its per 5.
  8. Dsn

    QA Survey Poll: Handle Hits

    yea handle hits lower dmg in pvp but would not mess with it in pve. would fix it by making handle hits only do blunt dmg(but things may have changed from last i seen it)...
  9. Dsn

    QA Survey Poll: Territory Control Structures

    hmm no option for just cheeper... well i guess cheeper and easyer to destroy is acceptable.
  10. Dsn

    Your top 3 issues at the moment

    no plex(paying players to give you sub in a safe way) AI having range when its no good with rage attacks or make no sense to have range.(starting with skeletons but other mobs as well) random dmg spike on mobs that hit 2 dmg avrage dealing 50+ dmg all of a sudden at random.
  11. Dsn

    [Poll] Magic revamp

    already made 2 old threads on this... but its actualy goes something like. 1h wand or 2h staff wand does less ,staff does more. where wands specialize is types of magic depending on what they are made of, but staffs can be more general use and if made from more expencive mats would make for...
  12. Dsn

    [Poll] Magic revamp

    would prefer magic weapons like staffs and wands over reagents.
  13. Dsn

    Clan new recruits should have acronym on by default.....

    when was the last time you went to mortal db to look up random people passing by you?
  14. Dsn

    Clan new recruits should have acronym on by default.....

    i would kinda be against it if you were joining a seacret guild or something but that never happened and all... tho would be nice if it was clantag or tag or guildtag and not Acronym(cant spell that half the time). maybe even just have all of em as option like you have when calling guards/guard..
  15. Dsn

    Longest Range Melee Weapons

    shortspear handle and greatblade blade longspear handle and greatblade blade 1h sword handle and greatblade blade 2h sword handle and greatblade blade probobly not sure...
  16. Dsn

    I know what you did SV!!

    like give em string(cotton) in exchange for books..
  17. Dsn

    How gonna make money the new players now??

    tryed doing tinderem graveyard its good and all untill the sworm comes and uses range attacks from melee range... realy should stop adding range attacks to stuff.(or skeletons that deal 20 times more dmg then the other ones like skeleton swordsman)
  18. Dsn

    Give swords a dismount chance.

    really simple weight equals dismount chance.
  19. Dsn

    who is still playing from way back

    i was here since beta, started playing after it was out with its 14 day trial and made a foum acc a few months after i got my first sub to look for guild or something.
  20. Dsn

    Rough amber

    well like everyone else its option 1: i dont knew or option 2: i want to make the most money out of it before everyone knows it then i may tell people. so its kinda pointless to ask atm.