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  1. Gilder

    Still no Steam Announcement?

    As title says
  2. Gilder

    Bets on Steam Release Date.

    So they Announced August given that hasnt Changed while I was too pissed to even check the Forum. So who wants to take place Bets on what Day Steam Release will be ? :)
  3. Gilder

    Which Countrys will go to War next

    Simple as that. Take a guess which Countrys will be going to War next. :P
  4. Gilder

    This Forum is highly Bot Infected....

    Guys you need some Bot Control on your Registry process.....
  5. Gilder

    Open Tindrem Gates.

    Tindren has several Gates. And only one is Open. Lets open the other Gates as well. Tindrem is an buzzling city after.
  6. Gilder

    Set Bandits and Scoundrels to Defensive.

    Aw the title says Bandits and Scoundrels close to Citys should not aggro and much less group aggro. We need something to do for new players. And currently most stuff in MO is group aggro making it nearly impossible to do anything alone. Especially if your new to the game. Its bad enough to deal...
  7. Gilder

    Request to Fix Pet Logouts

    As Title says. I think its time we get Pet Logouts Fixed. Pets should Logout with the Character. And Login with the Character. Regardless of wether they are Mounted upon or not! Its annoying that your playing Roulette when you Logout with your Pet out. Especially on Server Downs...
  8. Gilder

    Server Down ?

    Title ^^
  9. Gilder

    is Bleck worth Extracting ?

    Well as the Title says. Is it even worth it to Extract Bleck ? i got an massive amount of Bleckblende which sells for 4 Gold to an NPC Vendor. Can I actually Expect for the Bleck that comes out of it. To be sold with an higher Profit ? It doesnt seem like many people want to have Bleck at...
  10. Gilder

    Question on TC

    So to Build TC Assets you need an House and an Guild Stone with an Lvl. Does it matter which House you use for it ? Someone said you cannot Build Walls unless its a Black Tower.
  11. Gilder

    Reduce the Timers for Ore Extraction

    Right now Ore Extraction and Smelting has pretty Insane Timers. Now on Smelting I understand this. Since what you get out of it is very Valuable. However the Ore Extraction Timers should be Decreased. I mean just Compare it to Butchery. Butchery gains Carcasses rather Quick by Killing an...
  12. Gilder

    Taming Status Information.

    Jonas. It is very nice that I now See an Message telling me that an pet has been Tamed already and that I wont gain any Experience from it. However thanks to this. I now can no longer tell wether an Animals of that lvl would be too High or too Low for me Tame when it was already Tamed...
  13. Gilder

    WTS Small Rough Gems from Mining.

    Sold Out. Thanks for Doing Business
  14. Gilder

    WTB Coal for 30G a Stack

    Buy order on Tindrem Trade Broker. Be happy will ya :P I especially made a new Char for it a few days ago *gg*
  15. Gilder

    WTB Bor for 40G a Stack

    Buy order on Tindrem Trade Broker. Be happy will ya :P I especially made a new Char for it a few days ago *gg*
  16. Gilder

    WTB Calx for 7G a Stack in Tindrem

    Buy order on Tindrem Trade Broker. Be happy will ya :P I especially made a new Char for it a few days ago *gg*
  17. Gilder

    Glassblowing Recipes

    Is there any way to make Vials without using Volcanic Ash ? All Recipes I see need Volcanic Ash.
  18. Gilder

    Catalyst Lores

    Do i need the Lores of Catalysts as well ? Or can I use them without knowing their Lores ?
  19. Gilder

    Warning to Meduli and Tindrem. Thorax is Coming

    Just now I was peacefully standing at the Desert Horses. And Thorax is just walking past me and apparently Heading North. Just Saying lol
  20. Gilder

    Where is the Zoologist Librarian ?

    its not in Tindrem anymore. Anyone knows where its gone to ?