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  1. Rulant

    lockpicks in bakti

    will pay double what they buy for
  2. Rulant

    Extraction and Engineering services.

    Doing first level extraction of Calx/Saburra/Granum for 1/3rd of the yields. 50g to place any house/shed and 2 ts structures for 25g. PM.
  3. Rulant

    Signature request

    Something like this The white in the background transparent and mage doesnt have to have robes and wizard hat. Whoever make good one I pay 50g
  4. Rulant

    Anyone got a list of TC structures and prices?

    I know I saw one shortly after tc patch released but I can't seem to find it.
  5. Rulant

    Placoid scales

  6. Rulant

    Blackwood in Bakti

    7g per K 40k available
  7. Rulant


    white dapple brown black iron grey
  8. Rulant

    Stam/Health food, Ironsilk, Steel In Bakti

    10k steel 5k Ironsilk Amount of food depends on price.
  9. Rulant

    Steel and Ironsilk in Bakti

    1 stack of steel and 5k ironsilk.
  10. Rulant

    Ironsilk and Cuprum in Bakti

    PM ME
  11. Rulant

    lockpick book

  12. Rulant

    WTB horned scales

    10k in MK
  13. Rulant

    Error when downloading

    Download error! Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow. What do to fix?
  14. Rulant

    Pansar scales

    PM price per stack and location.
  15. Rulant

    Someone from BLGD message me.

  16. Rulant

    WTB dual strike book

    in vadda or onyx keep for a bit more
  17. Rulant

    Overhead strike books in vadda

    10g each
  18. Rulant

    Handle hits

    I don't quite know what to suggest to properly fix them, but something needs to be done. I realize that the reason they were changed to the way they are is because of the bad head-hits for most weapons. The way they have it now would have been a fine temporary change while they looked over...
  19. Rulant

    anyway to reset ui back to default

    not talkin /resetui but resetting it back to what it originally was when downloading. mines all screwed up for some reason and I'm having a hard time fixing
  20. Rulant

    About town guards.

    Take the old gz radius, make guards not able to be called outside that radius. Make them unable to aggro anyone outside of that radius, even with ranged attacks from inside. Then people can go to towns for pvp again with small groups and not get fucked by guards. Thank you for read time.