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  1. Tizio

    Final Sarducaa update 04/05 I have read the patch note and... wow! So sarducaa will not be opened at release. Right? We have to do some events to go there? /dsicuss
  2. Tizio

    Mortal Online 2 on UE4 - LEAK!!

    -------------------------------- Ok kidding, sorry mods, don't ban me just move the topic xD @Sebastian if you ever try UE4 it's... fantastic! We bought 2 licence and it's... WOW! Can't describe how easy it is to develop on it in C++ and blueprint.
  3. Tizio

    TreeVolve | Towerdefence [Android][Free]

    Hi, yes, this is spam, but I hope moderators don't close the topic for a very old Mortal Online member posting his very little game :-D we are two italian guys and we develop games in the free time. Treevolve is our first game released on Android. It's not finished and we will update with more...
  4. Tizio

    new armor screenshots

    In the newsletter
  5. Tizio

    Rad vs Blae [LD48 #26]

    And like every time, here is my game for this competition =D Game made in 48hours and this was my first attempt in making an HTML5 and first attempt working with sockets, lol. So, don't expect anything working good :-( some poeple have a lot of "lag" and I don't know why :-( Tha game works...
  6. Tizio

    Playing videogames... are you really playing or what?

    So, it's some time now that I'm into little video game developing and more I develop them, less I can play other games. You really start to watch games with another mind and start ask you "what I'm really doing?". The last day my grandmother told me about a dungeon in GW2 that was like a...
  7. Tizio

    War Thunder

    I'm not into airplane games but i tried this game that just came out in Open Beta. Holy... it's amazing! this game is a multiplayer free to play warplane sim with a singleplayer campaign (you have to buy it). Spectacular game, there are Arcade, History and Sim History and co-op game mode. In...
  8. Tizio

    Dr. Villano [Made by me for Ludum Dare #25]

    So, ludum dare #25 Jam just finished (really 3h to go but I have to go sleep). 40hours developing marathon (I'm going to die if I don't go to sleep now). Made from zero in C++ (graphic and audio by a friend of mine) with Allegro 5. Game and global score server DOWNLOAD
  9. Tizio

    Donations opened!

    More info here
  10. Tizio

    Indie Boundle?

    Just for let you know what other indie mmorpg are doing and I think Henrik should look at it one moment =) Check perpertuum. They opened in greenlight, get accepted in steam and they are in a indie bundle (pay what you want min. 5$ for a lot of games)
  11. Tizio

    Change how flash GUI system works [for paratus]

    (I'm not a 100% expert on this, my are only assumptions for make a better system) Hey, lately I was playing Firefall (another fps mmorpg made with ATLAS, UDK and scaleform for the UI. I was checking how they used scaleform and I think they got a very cool system for better performance...
  12. Tizio

    What is this?

  13. Tizio

    Looking for a specialist in Mortal Online Lore

    Yeah, I'm sure this is not the right section but I don't know where to write it :| I'm working on a little project and I need someone that write for me a summary of the lore of Nave and maybe something else (I tell you if you want to help me =) ) It needs to be written in a good English (not...
  14. Tizio

    How to make Tasks usefull (type: Transport)

    Everyone here was so excited when they introduced Tasks, but as we know it is not so used now. This is my suggestion on how to make it more usefull. The transporter dosen't have to see what is transporting If someone take a transport task he has to give a deposit and he get the item. Now you...