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  1. Otonashi

    Conqueror's Blade: A Rally Cry.

    It's fucking beyond me how this game hasn't made it to the forums yet, given the sheer volume of Mortal Players I've accidentally run into doing diplomacy. Pretty fun, it has many of the same traits that makes Mortal such an in-depth game. You can loot players, it's Indepth, realistic...
  2. Otonashi

    Anime: Best of 2014?

    So we are currently in our fall anime lineup, and nearing the end of 2014. So which do you think has been the best this year in your opinion, it has been an incredibly eventful year in the world of 2D and here is my top 5. 1- Kiseijuu Sei no Kakuritsu 2-Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! ren...
  3. Otonashi

    Fat Mages : The Nerf

    I think we can all agree Fat mages are ridiculous. What i propose is instead of nerfing magic we nerf mounts for a specific genre of class This would include horses and Lykiators (excluding Molvas). Just curious what people think.
  4. Otonashi

    WTS Blainn Shield

    WTS 100% Dura Blainn shield in Mohki Leave offer
  5. Otonashi

    Das Tal

    Anyone else following this game? Looks interesting and looks similar to MO in many ways.
  6. Otonashi

    Rock Golem

    Hey, recently i have taken up dominating. I have raised all my lore's to 100 Mammalia Simia Jotuni ect and have dominate 100. I can tame Minotaur's without a problem, but i tried for almost 2 hours to tame a rock golem and i was wondering if you need anything special to make it happen. or is it...
  7. Otonashi

    Can we get an anime thread?

    So i was getting super psyched this week about some anime coming out next year, and i was just wondering what is everyone's favourite anime this year? also all time favorite anime are acceptable too ^^ For me it was easily Log Horizon, Shingeki No Kyojin, Infinite Stratos 2. And Chuunibyou!
  8. Otonashi

    Giving away Arma 3 Lite x3

    Hey so with my recent Purchase of the Arma 3 Alpha i was given 3 Arma 3 lite steam gifts to give away and since i don't really need them anyone who wants it can leave their steam name either here or in pm and i will gift it to you.
  9. Otonashi

    Age of Wushu

    Anyone else looking forward to the April 10 release date of AoW? I know it does not fall into the sandboxxy genre but it looks quite entertaining. Also if someone here could hook me up with a CB key because i am having issues finding one. i would be willing to pay like 500g for it.
  10. Otonashi

    Salem Online

    Recently started playing the Open beta for this Crafting,Permadeath,sandbox game. Anyone have any thoughts on it? My first impression was that it was kind of childish but as i started to play it more i got addicted to the skilling up building ect it kind of...