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  1. Lucky_bob

    Bridge thread!

    Hey people post here for shenanigans and bridge status, link it to imgur or similar sites about 10% atm
  2. Lucky_bob

    Lucky Bob's lottery - 8th March

    Lucky Bob's lottery. Prize so far: 130 gold (remember my 10% cut of that!) Draw Date: 8th - 03 - 2014 - 8th March 2014 Info about the lottery: The lottery is held by me Lucky Bob. I have so far held a number of successful lotteries, with many happy participants and winners! The lottery...
  3. Lucky_bob

    Lucky Bob's Lottery for the 14th Feb.

    Lucky Bob's lottery. Prize so far: 140 gold! A chance at winning a House deed! again Draw Date: 14th - 02 - 2014 - 14th February 2014 Info about the lottery: The lottery is held by me Lucky Bob. I have so far held a number of successful lotteries, with many happy participants and...
  4. Lucky_bob

    Doge coin

    Anyone looking into this or trying it out? Throw me your wallet ID and i will tip you 10 doge :)
  5. Lucky_bob

    City Board posting

    Hello are you tired of using the in game option posting on message boards, or just think it is a big hassle to write those pesky books and notes? Do you consider it to be beneath your social place to write to the common people? Do you think it just takes to much time to write the correct things...
  6. Lucky_bob

    So patch is out

    What have you seen, what have you found? also discussion :) (a little to early) so far I have found out that this patch is downloading slow :p
  7. Lucky_bob

    Looking for person to create advertising in Cities

    I am looking for a person to post on the message board in certain cities and make sure that these posts are kept up. Please pm with price per city or questions
  8. Lucky_bob

    My lottery

    Hello people, i am holding a lottery again and i would like you to participate! check it out at also this is a shamefull bump, but i think that more people check out the general forum part compared to how many checks out...
  9. Lucky_bob

    Buying cupprum 20k

    10k in Tindrem. 10k in Meduli. Please pm me with a deal and we shall talk price.
  10. Lucky_bob

    Patch Notes Discussion

    So what do people think about the new patch notes? good? bad? things you are still missing. I noticed one thing about the breeding that some people might be happy about.
  11. Lucky_bob

    WTS different minerals and metals

    I got: 15k of Bleckblende 10k+ cuprum 3k+ of steel 14k of calspar i am willing to deliever for a price that depends on where and when. ps. got all of it in tindrem if you want to pick it up instead. Pm with offer or leave offer in thread
  12. Lucky_bob

    Steel And cuprum

    Got 4k Steel and 7k cupprum in tindrem will deliever to meduli or fab for small fee. Pm with offers and questions.
  13. Lucky_bob


    Buying Bloodore in fabernum and tindrem. Pm with your stock and what you want for it. Can trade in materials such as steel and cupprum. But of course also cool cash
  14. Lucky_bob

    New years eve food?

    What do you like to make on new years eve? I am atm making a sweet pot of meatsauce with chopped tomatoes, bacon, mini sausages.
  15. Lucky_bob

    Thieves planting illegal items?

    So i just noticed today that thieves can plant an illegal item on people in town and then have the guards come kills this person, then loot it all since this person is now a criminal. The person have barely any chance to defend himself. Is this intended? Or is this a feature gone wrong. I...
  16. Lucky_bob

    Mortal is up on greenlight on steam Vote and discuss?
  17. Lucky_bob

    Focus group!

    Thanks for some outstanding work! you all get a + in my book!