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  1. Teroh

    Anti potion weapons

    Just allow us to poison our weapons and then put a resistance/immunity meter in so you cant be spammed poisoned and their ya go.
  2. Teroh

    Discussion - Patch Notes 01/24/2013

    I concur.
  3. Teroh

    WTB Saburra Powder / Calx Powder MK

    pm price and amount.
  4. Teroh


    ooo ok gotcha was confused thought u ment me and blinkin together killed u ;)
  5. Teroh

    15 minute AFK disconnection

    server is buggy sometimes, think its just been restarted alot, went like 6 hours last night of solid afk running.
  6. Teroh


    Unless this was like 3 weeks ago I don't believe it was I who killed you :)
  7. Teroh

    WTS Tier 1 Tindremic Toxai with stable

  8. Teroh

    WTB Books MK

    WTB Following Books to be delivered to MK. Almine lore book Tungsteel Lore book Acronite lore
  9. Teroh

    How about fixing the guards in MK?

    So when do you want to fix the guards in MK SV?
  10. Teroh

    Passive Murdercount Burning

    Their should be no penalty for being red. It should just be a warning that someone is potentially aggressive. Criminal acts committed inside town limits should still require a guard response but to not allow a red to go into say MK for killing 5 ppl in the jungle with no one around is silly.
  11. Teroh

    Tennis Elbow?

    Any one experience this and/or want to share how they treated it?
  12. Teroh

    WTB Incisium MK

    PM me amount and price
  13. Teroh

    newb bowyer question.

    I think if I understand you correctly, yes.
  14. Teroh

    WTB Shed Near MK

    PM with details/ price
  15. Teroh

    The Night is Over.

    Still waiting for that "Return". But seeing as how you have no support even on your own forums.... Yea.
  16. Teroh

    Blocking System

    sure in a perfect world... but I seriously doubt if they cant make the darn bank vendor in toxai not fall thru the ground on a log in then this is a priority or even doable.
  17. Teroh

    The Night is Over.

    Curious to see the leadership and who is going to be in WSX. So much for staying blue......
  18. Teroh

    WTB Spongewood Toxai

    WTB 10k Spongewood in Toxai
  19. Teroh

    WTB Katana and khurite handle books Toxai

    Pretty much in title will pay cost of book and delivery fee.