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  1. Xar

    Made In Germania [MIG] - German guild

    Oh hi, nice to see some known names from the german player base are still around.
  2. Xar

    Archeage closed beta

    We are playing the Beta with a couple of people. :) It's great fun. A lot reminds me on good old UO.
  3. Xar

    ES public opinion?

    [x] the naughty neighbor
  4. Xar

    Silberauge passed away

    Don't know what to say. I thought about joining the timespeak again to say hello to the old companions from Mo/Odin during the last weeks. Now i feel guilty i didn't lately. Silb was one of the most caring and sharing guys i met in Mo. He was to guy to ask for help and he never refused. Also he...
  5. Xar

    Who is more hated in this game?

    Because i loved it back then, now up for a another roll. greetings
  6. Xar

    What is your favorite PVP Video?

    best "pvp" ever greetings
  7. Xar

    Second German Group

    Hi Pepao, nice to see you still around, still crafting and building stuff? Good luck. Und noch ein paar deutsche Worte. Schön einen bekannten Namen hier im Forum zu sehen. Biste immer noch fleissig am Schaffen? :) greetings
  8. Xar

    Kranick awesome international Commander

    lol :D greetings
  9. Xar

    Me, We, Us, say goodbye

    I heared about stuff like that so im happy i was able to avoid the disappointment of awakening. still even im not playing anymore, it's sad to see other player who shared laughs, nice talks and blades quitting the game too. have a good one and see you maybe in another game. :) greetings
  10. Xar

    A guide for noobs to choose the right guild

    Awesome stuff. Gave me a good laugh. Keep it up. greetings
  11. Xar

    PRAE & Friends vs KOTO & Wessex

    Nice vid. Good choice in music too. ;) greetings
  12. Xar

    Red Vadda

    I want Vadda blue again too. greetings
  13. Xar

    Krakens Tattoo

    The molva is and so are you. no homo. greetings
  14. Xar


    This thread made me like a Kuthara post. :confused: Anyways since Axis is dying near the central steppes, it's kinda obvious and doesn't need a extra thread about it. Germans in MO are some kind of ancient in the ways the interact which each other, a lot of different tribes, leaders and ways...
  15. Xar

    Return of Praetorians

    It's nice to see more and more small to medium scale fights coming up again on a daily basis. :) Nice video too. Keep it up everyone, make the game a bloody funny place for everyone. greetings
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  17. Xar

    BoulderFucked: A tale of ENVY

    And another MO guerilla warfare discussion. I don't get the point why people are blamed for using their advantage even if they admit that they can't win in an opend confrontation. greetings
  18. Xar

    ShadowSquad Announcement

    No se puede restringir a un novillo. Saw that coming couple of weeks ago. Since the big wars are over it's a good step to create more small scale pvp on the server again. Anyhow i'll miss the football discussions and kranick's laugh. :D See you guys around. greetings