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  1. Teroh

    WTB Saburra Powder / Calx Powder MK

    pm price and amount.
  2. Teroh

    WTS Tier 1 Tindremic Toxai with stable

  3. Teroh

    WTB Books MK

    WTB Following Books to be delivered to MK. Almine lore book Tungsteel Lore book Acronite lore
  4. Teroh

    How about fixing the guards in MK?

    So when do you want to fix the guards in MK SV?
  5. Teroh

    Tennis Elbow?

    Any one experience this and/or want to share how they treated it?
  6. Teroh

    WTB Incisium MK

    PM me amount and price
  7. Teroh

    WTB Shed Near MK

    PM with details/ price
  8. Teroh

    WTB Spongewood Toxai

    WTB 10k Spongewood in Toxai
  9. Teroh

    WTB Katana and khurite handle books Toxai

    Pretty much in title will pay cost of book and delivery fee.
  10. Teroh

    Any Merc groups still around?

    Any Merc groups still operate in MO? If so pm me.
  11. Teroh

    WTB House near Toxai.

    Pm details.
  12. Teroh

    Help me pick my new sig.

    Choice one Choice Two Choice three (late entry) Help me decide which one to use.
  13. Teroh

    WTB House Near Tindrem.

    Possibly looking to buy a home near Tindrem. Just PM me the specifics. thanks
  14. Teroh

    WTS Tier 3 tower deed.

    Selling Tier 3 tower deed , in Toxai. pm offers.
  15. Teroh

    WTS Tier 2 Tower with exp

    Selling tier 2 tower with 1 exp, approx 6.6 million hp. Its located inside the SOV pallisades, PM me offers.
  16. Teroh

    WTB Health Pots.

    Pretty much in the title, just pm me the price and what it does.
  17. Teroh

    Buying Feint Book Morin Khur

    Looking to have someone deliver a feint book to me Ill pay 3x what the book is worth.
  18. Teroh

    Teroh's Signature Service.

    Offering my sig services to the community, fairly new at it but here are some of my work. Just pm me and we can work something out Payments are to be delivered to Toxai. If you are red I can make arrangements to meet you someplace outside of guard zone :). For the month of December I will...