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  1. Tophereth


    it's about where we've been, not where we end up. right? music: howard shore - the bridge of khazad dum
  2. Tophereth


    everyone! just let those emotions spill out! fuck thinking rationally! is anyone just super happy about it? AWAKENING, YOURE AWESOME!! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!!! lets give SV some quotes to throw on a marketing poster for MO in this thread.
  3. Tophereth

    ENVY - First Hours of Awakening

    i claim that envy was the first to: kill an elite guard, kill a minotaur, and make acquaintance with the lovely chothos maiden queen in awakening. i suck, i'm gay, etc etc -oro edit: i know i said i'd fraps tindrem, henrik, but nothing exciting was happening there. :(
  4. Tophereth

    Question to Theia, posed publically

    Does it look like SV will be releasing you-know-what this week? I would appreciate an answer in earnest honesty and will not speak out of frustration because I can imagine how difficult the entire summer has been for the SV staff. Thank you. P.S. Yes. Another Awakening thread. Deal with...
  5. Tophereth

    Stuff and Idk

    i would have to say that this is the best work i've ever done. truly an achievement for me. thank you for everyone involved, and i hope to see you soon so you can be in another video!