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  1. Veradey

    Trading Plate/Horned scale for new armor books

    Looking for 1 of each new book, trading plate / horned scales. PM with offers.
  2. Veradey

    WTS: T3 Cerulite house

    JAWA is migrating from the desert and looking to sell its mining house located directly across from the cerulite bridge. Furnace and fabricula table with stables included in this wonderful Tindremic style property. Please PM offers, any resonable trades considered.
  3. Veradey

    Buying Identifycation book and Food.

    Pm, buying maybe more than one. Looking for decent health/stam food with positive soph ratings. Thanks.
  4. Veradey

    Calling all pure tradesman, crafters, gatherers!

    Jawa is throwing around ideas within the guild and I'm curious to ask. I know there are others that are not blood thirsty killers and those that just enjoy crafting and other trades. Contact me via pm if this is your or your guilds lifestyle. It may be time for gatherers and tradesmen to...
  5. Veradey

    WTB Mage scrolls

    Looking to buy your extra mage scrolls. Paying 5-20g or so based on rarity. PM me or post them here.
  6. Veradey

    WTS Palisades

    WTS Palisades formerly known as Myrmopolis and JAWAville. PM me for details or to make a reasonable offer.
  7. Veradey

    JAWA Community Announcement

    It has come to my attention that there are some that wish to POSE as JAWA members. I have seen and heard of some that use the JAWA name to protect their pets and to attempt to save themselves from uncertain fates. I just want to clear a few things up. First, a JAWA member will ALWAYS have...
  8. Veradey

    JAWA Traders

    Have items to sell? Don't want to be hassled with delivering product or customers or waiting for weeks to sell your goods? JAWA Traders will buy your goods. Use this easy form and we can conduct negotiations...