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  1. King Malachi I

    Scripture of Soldeus

    Of Conscience and the Inner Spark, Of all the creations of our Heavenly Lord to walk on Nave, only man has an understanding of morality while lesser creatures behave according to their natural characteristics and instincts. Every person is aware that his or her actions are either good or bad...
  2. King Malachi I

    Of Soldeus

    Before there was earth or sea or heaven, there existed only Chaos: shapeless, unorganized, lifeless matter. There was opposition in all things: hot conflicted with cold, wet with dry, heavy with light, and hard with soft. The primordial forces of earth, air, fire and water were shapeless, mixed...
  3. King Malachi I

    Wessex, who were they?

    "Into the night, Desperate and broken. The sound of a fight, Father has spoken. Into your eyes, Hopeless and taken. We stole our new lives, Through blood and pain, In defence of our dreams. The age of man is over, A darkness comes and all, These lessons that we learned here, Have only just...