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  1. TheSacredOne

    Selling long cloaks in tindrem a few different ones, my price is 400g per cloak, message me here on the forums!
  2. TheSacredOne

    Meta game fail ?

    I haven't been playing for a good couple of month now but I do read the forums in hope to get some entertainment during my lunch break. But lately I feel like the meta game, the drama, the social stranglements have been lowered to a silly "you a dbag" - "no you a dbag"... Where are the great...
  3. TheSacredOne

    Weapon Balance

    First of all: Weakspot dmg should NOT be counted as a NAKED hit but a hit that gets bonus dmg added to it (based on the weapon and based on the base damage) Weapon-Balance in a nutshell (not taking mounted/foot into account!): Damage based on a khurite khurite warrior vs molarium / silk +...
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    Get that blood-ruber..alot of cambodeans had to lose their childrens blood for it - only because of this we can sell it so dirt cheap!! only 115 gold on the broker. COME GET IT NAOW!!!
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    3 rubers on Morin Khur broker: Only 115g each!
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    @SV: Take out the option to make as many f2p chars as you like. Limit it to one f2p account per "person" (there are different ways to achieve that - based on the current banning mechanics for example).
  8. TheSacredOne

    Shed near Morin Khur

    Selling a shed near morin khur (across DA keep). Could also throw in an upgrade to a storage. Become a proud house owner now!!! Offers via PM.
  9. TheSacredOne

    WTS Tier1 Black Tower near Morin Khur

    as the title says. PM me with offers.
  10. TheSacredOne

    Anti Lag-Switchers / Speed-Hackers

    As of lately I've noticed an increase of people abusing said mechanics. Getting killed in half a second with 7 registered hits to the head or people disappearing infront of you has been happening at least once a day for me... Here's a suggestion on how to finally get the "free-2-play-abusing"...
  11. TheSacredOne

    The RAGE fullfills you...

    We are a small scale pvp group of like-minded brethren. We consist of a good base of veterans (been playing together for almost 3 years) . We handpick every member - we do not mass-invite like other guilds - with the main focus on personality and not the amount of hours you play or the "elite...
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    WTB Rubers ur price for 3
  13. TheSacredOne

    WTB RUBERS title says. Name your price. (screw you pown ;-)
  14. TheSacredOne

    WTS Demonic Pillar + Demon Stones

    Selling 1 demonic pillar - PM me your offer! Also selling demon stones number I and IV I
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    Selling heaps of iron- and blackwood.. make me an offer per 10k via PM
  16. TheSacredOne


    Selling large demonic pillar...PM me offers. With this badboy you can summon a couple of elder demons anywhere in the world!!!
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    MO = too much of a grind; Not appealing to many; DF is stealing players = FFS DO SOMETHING SV > Make it possible to bind at priests/chaplains (1 at a time). Where you can port to once you died (only when dead!) > Increase Skinning yields to bring people back into the world to farm and...
  18. TheSacredOne

    Nave Barde service

    Hello dear spectatores, I am offering my services as a barde, a musical man to entertain the masses. If you are interested in getting a song for yourself a person you know a situation (some big war for example) or your guild then I can help you with that. Bathe in the lyrical delight and...
  19. TheSacredOne

    Skinning / Butchery Change

    I would want following changes: The skill skinning (secondary) should allow to harvest the low-end materials of any pet (leather, wool, fur, bones, meat...I'll list the materials below). When using the skinning knife you should get a 50% of what you would get compared to butchering carcass atm...
  20. TheSacredOne

    Selling STEEL

    7k available in Fab. 79g per 1k!