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  1. Allastar

    Graphics Card Failing

    So if anyone remembers I made a thread about my hdd failing a few months ago. Well, looks like one of my graphics cards or both is/are failing now. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, as I kept having strange graphical issues occasionally like the screen blacking out or certain games...
  2. Allastar

    Don't Starve "Don’t Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. You play as Wilson, an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. Wilson must learn to exploit his...
  3. Allastar

    Photoshop Project Critique

    So I have a final project due on Monday for my Photoshop class and I'd like to get some opinions and critique on my project before I turn it in. The project required us to make a movie poster of some sort of sequel(one that doesn't exist yet) to an actual movie that has been made. I chose...
  4. Allastar

    Heroes of the Storm

    I didn't see it posted anywhere, so thought I'd make a thread to let you guys know. Heroes of the Storm is a new MOBA by Blizzard that seems to include many of the well-known characters from Starcraft, Diablo, WoW, etc. You can sign up for beta through your account. I believe it is...
  5. Allastar

    The FCC and Net Neutrality,0,3234289.column#axzz30KFJ8oQO Interesting... Thoughts? Oh short summary about effects of what the article is covering: "So here's what's in store for you. If the FCC approves the Comcast-Time Warner Cable...
  6. Allastar

    Trove Since I couldn't find another thread about it, thought I'd post it here. I know it looks kind of funky... but it might be good. I signed up a while back and about a month or so ago I got an email saying they were going to be opening up for alpha to people who donate...
  7. Allastar

    Hard drive failing

    I know this isn't directly related to MO, but obviously it affects my ability to play it. So, in short, I have a Raid 0 setup for my hard drives and one of the two hard drives is failing. I've never had to replace a hard drive before, but I kind of get the idea on what I have to do. The...
  8. Allastar

    PhotoShop Question

    Since I'm having trouble contacting anyone I know who is knowledgeable with photoshop, I've resorted to posting on here. So I'm using using photoshop CS5.1 and I'm working on a project in which I have to make a poster in the style of other "30 Days of Night" posters/promotional images using...
  9. Allastar

    Strange tagging

    I found this box thing tagged(it was tagged very recently, wasn't there before) by some railroad tracks close to my house. At first I had no idea what it meant. Then I thought... Perhaps it is a reference to The Walking Dead? Anyone know? I haven't seen this last season so don't spoil it for me.
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    So whatever happened to the redone hair that never came with the character and armor patch? Weren't more hairstyles being worked on and such supposedly?
  11. Allastar

    Changes in the past year

    So, I took to playing yesterday a bit and noticed big differences with my main combat character even after I subbed and had all my skill points back. Almost felt like he was still f2p capped. He feels way slower than he used to be, stam regen is really slow, total armor weight is capped at 18...
  12. Allastar

    Max Physics Actors

    What exactly does lowering/raising it do? How much can it affect performance?
  13. Allastar

    Good time to reroll?

    Does it seem like a good time to reroll a character? What do you folks who are actually playing think? I miss my original kallard character. Heck, I'd love it if a dev could tell me if I should just wait till the character remake donation goal is in. Oh and did the con stat changes help...
  14. Allastar


    Is cheesecake cake or pie? Though it has "cake" in the name, it seems to share more qualities with that of a pie than that of a cake. What do you think? In my opinion, it is a pie. I used to call it cheesepie for a bit. I gave it up after a while though when waiters/waitresses misunderstood or...
  15. Allastar

    Share Your Funny Videos

    I believe there may have been a similar thread to this some time ago, but since there is a funny pictures thread going now, I thought I'd follow a similar theme and create a thread for videos. Anyways, I'll start. I don't watch football, but man, some of these BLR vids crack me up. So...
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    I am real super sand

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  18. Allastar

    Consistent crash on loading

    After this last patch, I consistently crash after I select a character and the loading begins. I have the same settings I had before, max graphics and everything checked except motion blur and v-sync. So... What's going on? Anyone else have this issue? I am not doing a full reinstall again, so...
  19. Allastar


    Is the weight bugged right now on characters or something? One of my characters who used to be a butcher/cook is pretty fat(overweight), and has no stats being affected by the weight mod. I noticed this as I was trying to lose weight with him to get him down as to get rid of the penalties, but...
  20. Allastar

    Discarding Items

    I remember when they made the change to not allow players to destroy items after being hit. I understood why it was done as well, and I don't disagree with it. However, when it comes to npcs hitting you, is the cooldown really necessary? For example, the other day I was killing bandits for a...