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  1. Allastar

    Mortal Online assets on Deviant Art

    Why do you care if someone uses paint, copy pastes some images together, and posts it on the internet? Pretty sure almost anyone who looks through deviantart can tell none of that is even his(as if it matters). Only thing that would bother me if I were you is the quality of... whatever that is...
  2. Allastar

    Happy Thanksgiving mortal community!

    Yeah, normally I'd just ignore it but eh. Haven't posted in a while, was late at night, and his sweeping generalizations annoyed me :p That, and he used to seem like a reasonable fellow. Not sure what happened. Maybe I'm just imagining it :x Edit: Add me to live bern!
  3. Allastar

    Happy Thanksgiving mortal community!

    You're just trying really hard to come up with something negative and demeaning to Christians and Americans. Gluttony? C'mon man. Just stop. I'm sorry for whatever has made you become such a negative person and hope you have at least some things to be thankful for. Happy thanksgiving everyone!
  4. Allastar

    Happy Thanksgiving mortal community!

    You do know that Thanksgiving wasn't declared a national holiday until wayyyyy later right? Check out this speech by Abraham Lincoln: That's basically when it started(during the Civil War). It was all about giving thanks to God...
  5. Allastar

    Happy Thanksgiving mortal community!

    Yes it all makes sense. Just because we're Christian it automatically makes us ignorant and brainwashed. You're just too open-minded for me. Because that's exactly what we're celebrating...
  6. Allastar

    The Elder Scrolls Online

    I played it for a while and enjoyed it. I ran into barely like 1 or 2 bugs and never got stuck. There is collision detection with players and mobs. Get your facts straight. Anyways. It is a decent game. Nothing super amazing, but enjoyable nonetheless.
  7. Allastar

    Graphics Card Failing

    So if anyone remembers I made a thread about my hdd failing a few months ago. Well, looks like one of my graphics cards or both is/are failing now. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, as I kept having strange graphical issues occasionally like the screen blacking out or certain games...
  8. Allastar

    Rebuilding NTC fab road house

    Kia and arfie. Deep breath friends. Take it easy.
  9. Allastar

    Steam summer sale

    Got Goat simulator, most of the dlc for Payday 2, the first Payday since it was like a dollar something, and Skyrim.
  10. Allastar

    Steam summer sale

    Definitely worth getting the expansion though whenever it is on sale if it isn't already.
  11. Allastar

    The best of E3?

    Should I really care if its the same or not since I've never played bf3 and such? It'll be new to me either way.
  12. Allastar

    Gatekeeper NPC

    ^ That's it.
  13. Allastar

    Gatekeeper NPC

    Well people post everything from seb's twitter in the thread about his twitter so that people like us who don't feel like checking twitter can just look at the thread instead.
  14. Allastar

    Stone Walls

    Most of this is already coming with TC as well. Check the seb's twitter thread and/or his twitter for all the images and updates about TC.
  15. Allastar

    Gatekeeper NPC

    It is already coming with TC. Look around in the seb's twitter thread and you'll find some pictures of it I believe.
  16. Allastar

    Looking for a crafters guild

    I would say try NTC.
  17. Allastar

    GrayFox in Prison

  18. Allastar

    Dumb and Dumber to

    Don't think Jim Carrey will ever be as good as he used to be.
  19. Allastar

    hi all, sebs twitter :)

    I play piano myself so I would love that for my own gate :P