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  1. Veradey

    windows 10

    I'm worried what the fine print that comes with 'free' will be
  2. Veradey

    Clan new recruits should have acronym on by default.....

    Or when you invite new people tell them to turn it on.
  3. Veradey

    It's my birthday

    Happy Birthday, Your gift today is no programming. Just play the game you help make. All day, and drink, cuz you will need to do that to play mortal cuz its your birthday.
  4. Veradey

    Heat System Exploration

    Only if you are too weak to carry the weight. But best + best is probably too heavy for most
  5. Veradey

    Heat System Exploration

    Metals can reflect heat rather than absorb.
  6. Veradey

    new sarducca animal

    Tease. Is it coming with the magic patch or the house redesign? o_O. I kid I kid
  7. Veradey

    new sarducca animal

    Get outta my jungle
  8. Veradey

    who is still playing from way back

    Im waiting for new things to be released. But at least now the items now are tradeable to where they werent.
  9. Veradey

    Sarducaa Map

    Cuprum and bron everything!
  10. Veradey

    who is still playing from way back

    Been around since09. Playing since beta. 50 vet points saved.
  11. Veradey

    Sarducaa Exploration Thread

    Sounds like Florida 8 of 12 months
  12. Veradey

    teamspeak 3 free app

    I stopped using the mobile version once they changed it to where you have to pay. Id like to know also.
  13. Veradey

    What NEW feature are you most interested in for MO?

    Dynamic house building, expanded magic system
  14. Veradey

    Keep Taxes

    The emperor in tindrim. You own a keep by his good graces
  15. Veradey

    is the heat system fun?

    Mounts that are bred with Arctic parents probably won't do well. But maybe I'm over thinking the system
  16. Veradey

    Borderless Windowed Mode

  17. Veradey

    is the heat system fun?

    Run around in full guard fur plate and see if you say the same
  18. Veradey

    new patch first complaints:

    I see the point of the change, but I think it's tweaked a bit to close. Pet trade distance should equal pet follow distance when standing still. This should still stop those that hid horses inside of rocks to keep them safe. You know who you are.
  19. Veradey

    How do I get to the new continent?

    Hopefully not a lagfest like I've seen in other games when an expansion comes and everyone is in a small area.