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  1. Yakazi

    June 2012 - Old school Southern conflict between [ARC] & [Ger]

    Hey all, I thought I would share an old write up of one of the many regional conflicts between our guild Arcturian [ARC] (who was led by myself, Kaster, and Arumon at the time) and Germania [Ger]. This was old-school MO and way before the onset of massive server wars which basically occurred...
  2. Yakazi

    Happy Holidays (Throwback)

    For anyone who remembers our bunch and to those that dont(from 2012), I hope you all have a good holiday! -Arcturian forever
  3. Yakazi

    WTB rice stacks, pm me

    As the title states, we can work out a price/deal -Yakazi
  4. Yakazi

    Dawn of Mortal

    I dug up this old picture while looking through my screenshots. I figured i would share it, enjoy!
  5. Yakazi

    The Myrland Trade Union group picture

    The MTU members decided to meet up and take a screenshot or two. Only a few of the members made it and are represented here! {left to right} Rillas, Reaverx, Orefist, Albdul Alhazrad, Yakazi {Left to Right} front row - Vrafh, Abdul Alhzrad, Rillas bottom row- Yakazi...
  6. Yakazi

    Sochi Winter Olympics Hockey Picks 2014

    Group A Russia Slovakia United States Slovenia Group B Finland Canada Norway Austria Group C Czech Republic Sweden Switzerland Latvia Who do you think will be the winner of each group and runner up? Who takes the gold? Feel free to respond, not sure how many people follow or...
  7. Yakazi

    WTS t3 house

    Type of house: Tier 3 loghouse, Full HP Extensions: -Shop and Shop vendor -Furnace room -Fabricula room -3 house chests (Obviously, the room tables and shop extension are interchangeable and not permanent) Perks to the location: -Calx,Granum, and Saburra mining from around the area...
  8. Yakazi

    WTS Bowyery Table

    WTS Bowyery table deed for 50g. Half off and free engineer placement if needed! -In Bakti pm me if interested
  9. Yakazi

    The Legend of Kenaus

    The Legend of Kenaus Many years ago in the pre-conflux era, a strong, prideful, and willing man by the name of Lord Kenaus had two sons with a mistress unknown to this day. Their names were Korje & Jokou. These boys grew up on their father’s prized lands given to him by the Tindremic Empire...
  10. Yakazi

    The Myrland Trade Union -MTU-

    The Myrland Trade Union is an internal organization of crafters,hunters,engineers,tamers and merchants from around Myrland. The Union is calling upon all those who are interested in participating or supporting the Union. Whether you are a full time trader or part time trader, anyone who...
  11. Yakazi

    A Tradesman Note

    [This is not a bash thread but merely a note given to the trade community who deal business throughout Nave. I have failed to deliver services before, and people have openly commented on my thread about it, so here is my fair statement about a trade currently underway] About 3 weeks ago...
  12. Yakazi

    WTS various deeds

    Bow Crafting Table Deed - 75g [Bakti] Black Tower expansion D(for tier 3 - 215g [Bakti] Sold! Black Tower shop deed - 200g [Bakti] 600 Cuprite(Red Gems) - offer [Bakti] ---pm me if interested!
  13. Yakazi

    WTB stack (10k)of Bron

    85g for the stack. 10g for the delivery to Bakti 95g total -Msg me please
  14. Yakazi

    WTS Red ThunderEgg/various deeds

    Red Thunder Egg - sold Bow Crafting Table Deed - 75g [Bakti] Black Tower expansion D(for tier 3 - 225g [Bakti] Black Tower shop deed - 225g [Bakti] Pm me!
  15. Yakazi

    WTB Bron

    please pm offers for you service!
  16. Yakazi


    RLC blue blockers came over and over again but one of them were trapped and was disgraced by his enemies while their towers were being destroyed. =D Enjoy!
  17. Yakazi

    Shed/expansion shed materials?

    Quick question! thank you ahead of time
  18. Yakazi

    Arcturian[ARC] & Vengeance[VnG] Merge

    After recent meetings and long term friendship. Vengeance[VnG] and Arcturian[ARC] have decided to merge into one guild. We feel it is best for our guilds to be as one. Arcturian's chapters in Nave are finally being put to rest after our long haul from the Old ARC of early launch. It has been...
  19. Yakazi

    Happy Holidays from ARC

  20. Yakazi

    WTS Tungsteel/Steel -Delivery

    Greetings! I'm currently in Vadda I'm currently selling: 3.0K Tungsteel - 450g 1Kk Steel - 60g Or if you buy both you get deal of 500g. *************** Also selling in Trade broker(Vadda)- 2 Tungsteel swords (MR.Tungster) [PM if interested, IRC, or ingame!