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  1. LuciusHanno

    Parkour | Year 4 (My Progression Video)

    This isn't the most impressive thing in the world, but I'm working hard at it. Hopefully next year I'll have something more impressive for you guys! If you guys enjoy that then check out "Adventure Time 2014". I traveled a decent bit last year, met up with friends, and trained my legs off...
  2. LuciusHanno

    Your Favorite Group or Large Battle Video

    There is a special place in my heart for those moments when two competent groups go head to head in battle. What were you favorite small or big group battles in Mortal Online?
  3. LuciusHanno

    Indiegogo Campaign: Storytelling Through Parkour

    Hey Mortal Community, In 2013 I made the risky decision to quit. I quit a lot of things - my crappy job at a gas station in middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, my job doing 'volunteer hours' at a start up company - hell, I even quit Mortal Online. This was all to pursue my goal of living Parkour...
  4. LuciusHanno

    Territory Control

    From the videos and pictures I've seen people are walling off entire sections of the map. Small villages are popping up. New players can spawn in player cities! It's starting to look like Age of Empires down there! What is new with the Territory Control system? Who has walled off what? Who...
  5. LuciusHanno

    I've Been Gone A Long Time ...

    Hello All, It has been quite some time since I've graced these forums. What is new in the world of Mortal Online? Has anyone been keeping track of the history? Have the game mechanics been updated since 2013?
  6. LuciusHanno

    Implanted Earphones

    At the intersection of mainstream medical augmentation and body modification lies "Grinding". The term "Grinder" originated from the DC comic Doktor Sleepless, and inspired a movement of designers, body artists, and engineers to search for open-source solutions to augmenting the human body...
  7. LuciusHanno

    Post Guild colors, motto and flag

    Hello there, I'm working with a few members of the community to work on a "clan lineages" project - tracking the birth, merges, and death of clans over the lifetime of the game. Please post your clan/guild logo below with your colors and a motto if you have one. Thanks!
  8. LuciusHanno

    The "Friendly PvP" Misconception

    This topic will be a continuation of the discussion of the behavior of the community and it's effect on MO's population retention. A huge ideological gap between "white knight" (or lawful-good/ lawful-neutral) clans and just about everyone else is the idea of "friendly PvP". Before getting...
  9. LuciusHanno

    Races and Ethnic Group Distribution in Myrland (Guildlist)

    Some old map and census stuff I was working on a little while ago. Any help completing the the other regions would be much appreciated
  10. LuciusHanno

    Show Inventory Mechanic

    This suggestion is quite simple. Please allow players to show each other their inventory. This would allow bandit characters to hold people up instead of killing them for their loot. This would also allow for player - guards to inspect people for weapons or siege works if they are in their...
  11. LuciusHanno

    Protectors of the Realm (why solo and new players stay in Tindrem)

    I've been poking around Myrland since I resigned from the Archivist position to get a last peak at the state of the game and community before I split. Two good friends of mine decided to join me in my adventure. Initially they insisted on staying in Tindrem, as it was safe and resources were...
  12. LuciusHanno

    Star Vault Emission and latest development news 24/5 I am happy to hear that we are getting both the character updates and the territory control patch within the two month range. Good work guys.
  13. LuciusHanno

    Player Books and Royalties

    I suppose this is more of a question than a suggestion. Why don't authors of books make any money from what they sell through the libraries?
  14. LuciusHanno

    EVE Online Getting a TV Show Based on Player Stories

    This is interesting stuff. If Mortal survives a few years I hope something like this happens.
  15. LuciusHanno


    To the Mortal Online community – Effective today (May 13, 2013) I will be resigning from the Archivist position. I will be finishing up a few projects and will post them in the “Lore” section of the forums. If you have any questions or comments about my resignation please send me a private...
  16. LuciusHanno

    The Keep Spots are Odd

    The keep spots in Mortal seem to be placed at very non-strategic locations. Most are in perfect locations for people to spy from a hilltop, are at low places where they can be surrounded by, and are generally unprotected by the landscape. Henrik and Seb stated that keeps won't be able to be...
  17. LuciusHanno

    Territory Control: Renaming NPC Cities

    The territory system promised by the devs is going to create an awesome and dynamic game. Along with resource control I propose players be able to exert a certain amount of social and cultural control over the areas they control. I propose the following additions to the coming territory control...
  18. LuciusHanno

    Wow. Thank You Devs

    Mortal has been unplayable for me up until Wednesday's patch. I'm not sure what you guys did to the server, but it is perfect. Springbok don't warp, the game doesn't freeze up in cities, and my laptop doesn't explode when going over nodelines. Good work guys. I can finally play this game now.
  19. LuciusHanno

    Next Patch?

    What are the next patches going to focus on? I could have sworn I read about the planned magic system somewhere (posted by Henrik) but I can't find the thread. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.
  20. LuciusHanno

    Standardizing Timeline of Myrland

    Reference Material: Game Time and Date Calendars, special days and the passage of time Day and Night on Nave MO Counter - Research and Findings Battle of Nereb Madgulu My Relevent Writings: Time Periods of Myrland, Post-Conflux --------------- Now that books can be published in the NPC...