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  1. audric

    Mortal Online PvP - Hybrids.

    This is an old unlisted video I had laying around that I figured I may as well release. Hope you enjoy it. Original date was December 2014.
  2. audric

    Mortal Online - New times. Old ways.

    hi my name is smasher i like to make pvp videos sometimes when i come back for like a week because i quit a long time ago i used to be really good apparently but now i kinda suck thanks for watching bye. p.s video rendering corrupted like 45 seconds pls no haterino.
  3. audric

    Mortal Online - EC Compilation

    An old video I don't think I ever posted before. Perhaps I'm wrong but in all honesty I'm far too lazy to go back and check. Either way, hope you guys enjoy.
  4. audric

    Mortal Online PvP - Paladins are Hard

    pluro yelled at me and told me not to main hybrid so i became a paladin instead. you're mean pluro. Enjoy!
  5. audric

    Mortal Online PvP - Hybrid life.

    Got some okay footage and wanted to make a video so here it is, nothing too special but fun never the less. Enjoy and gfs.
  6. audric

    Mortal Online PvP - Meduli Event/Gk Clips

    Also from 3:00 to 3:30 or so there is a black screen, don't know why just a rendering issue. Enjoy! also 360 casts
  7. audric

    Mortal Online PvP - Quad Pre-Arranged

    sup. not really a great vid or a showcase of skill but just a showing of a friendly fight, we were pretty upset to see a mounted but i think it was just mis communication, we ended up with our own randomly anyway lol. anyways hope you guys enjoy the vid and i hope we get more fights like this...
  8. audric

    Mortal Online - Stream Night.

    Nothing special, just decided to upload the fights we had on stream night, hope you guys enjoy the video <3.
  9. audric

    Mortal Online - Faded

    Enjoy, it's not a PvP video but I liked making it, so I hope you guys enjoy it!
  10. audric

    Mortal Online - Nostalgia

    I figured I would post this old video for people to enjoy, I don't necessarily think that it is great but I do think it is fun! hope you guys enjoy the videe, it has been unlisted until now.
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    any type PM amount/type pls
  12. audric

    EC/KUZ Relations and Merger

    After some time of playing with each other we have decided that we would merge forces; while this isn't necessarily important, the point of this post is to clarify political intentions and ambitions. All past agreements are now void, if there are issues please contact us. Our ambitions...
  13. audric

    Mortal Online PvP - Hybrids are Hard

    after about a year i finally found a fight of me playing on my hybrid, although it's not the best and i probably should have died to my own stupidity, here it is. good fight to all. p.s 2 rusty
  14. audric

    The hunt for Stamina!

  15. audric

    Unlisted Video Collection.

    Most of the videos in this thread I have made months before-hand and have hosted on my channel as unlisted, I didn't feel as though the majority of them were good, or entertaining enough to stand on their own; so rather than allow them to do so I present them all together! Enjoy.
  16. audric

    Mortal Online PvP - Adventures around Bak-Ti

    Props to WSX/NWO for being such good sports. We had a lot of fun and I hope you did as well.
  17. audric

    Mortal Online PvP - Seventh

    There is quite a bit of lag in this video due to the freezing and odd spots near OMNI Palisade, I apologize for that. There are also two perspectives. Enjoy
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  19. audric

    Mortal Online PvP - Warriors are Hard III

    I was bored and said "why the hell not" Enjoy.