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  1. slyy

    Mortal Online Map - Update

    Hello! For some reason the original thread is now locked so I can't post that there. I think it would be really helpful for new players to have a map thats at least decently accurate - so I'm wanting to try get the following done before newbie island. I am looking for anyone who would like to...
  2. slyy

    New continent bug At this video at 3:50:00 (3 hours 50 minutes in) you can see a fairly serious bug. The players shown floating near Pash were actually in Bakti. Time of this was about 0400 GMT. Also they did not seem to see chat
  3. slyy

    Beth Jedda Pet Receipts

    Pet receipts made from Beth Jedda stable say "Other Stable" on them, just like a TC stable. I haven't tested but it may be the same with the other new towns too
  4. slyy

    Bridge Building Agreement

    In order for everyone to start exploring the new expansion and Sarducaa soon, I propose an agreement: Any guild or individual can use this thread to declare themselves peaceful to bridge builders and protectors. Those who are on this list will work in unity for the duration of the building -...
  5. slyy


    Cut scenes don't suit MO, I know. However a very basic one shown when you first enter Myrland would hugely improve a new player's first impressions. It doesn't have to be hard work - could be as easy as a few fly over shots of interesting areas with a narrator (Paratus?) reading some lore. The...
  6. slyy

    Stable Crash

    This is extremely easy to replicate. Get 4-5 pets out at once and start stabling them. If your fast enough, eventually a pet that has already been stabled will still be in the "stable pet" list. If you click on this pet your game crashes with a fatal error. Really easy to do by mistake and...
  7. slyy

    Free Account Restriction

    The unique identifier method is flawed. For 2 days straight I have been unable to login on my f2p account because it says "random acc name" has already been activated by me today. This is obviously a huge issue and will effect many brand new players that just quit silently or never get started...
  8. slyy

    Fire Arrows

    Wooo! Looks great :) Wonder what kind of special purpose they will have?
  9. slyy

    Kranesh Cave

    EC recently renovated Kranesh Cave! It now has a bank, utility + gear + reagent vendors, armor and weapon crafting tables, a chaplain, a gate and a control tower :p Just a quick video to show it off and help inspire old guilds to come back for TC!
  10. slyy

    Fixed TS Structures Not Loading

    This is the 3rd time its happened so now its confirmed I make the post. If you login as soon as the server resets all the TS structures are invisible including walls. You are free to walk around for 20-30 seconds before your client will crash. When you login again everything is normal.
  11. slyy

    [Poll] Village Chaplains

    From what I've heard there are currently no plans to include statloss free priests with TC structures. I feel this is incredibly important and if done correctly would change the game in a very good way. For people who don't know - currently the only place you can resurrect as a red without...
  12. slyy

    Territory Control Manual Discussion Wooo! Looks awesome to me, excited. However it seems a guild needs 70+ members before it can build anything. This is news, maybe a bit high? Love the guard types, taxs and treasury though!
  13. slyy

    Demonic Pillar Event

    A little promotional video I made of the graveyard demons tonight! Was fun :D A few noobs died and lost items but in the end everyone was happy!
  14. slyy

    Fixed Small Typo

    Just a small typo : "Less then an hour"
  15. slyy

    Thievery addition

    I'm sure this has been suggested before but I'd love if SV could seriously consider the following idea. Any building that is several days behind in tax should be vulnerable to lock picking! Perhaps the pin difficulty can be scaled to the amount of days overdue it is. I think this little addition...
  16. slyy

    WTB Flakestone

    20k At meduli, tindrem fab or kran! Thx
  17. slyy

    Guild information and recruitment

    Hello guild leaders! I created a guild browser on mortal map which displays information on guilds. You can view the post about it here. Users may also fill out a form on a guilds page and send an application direct to the leaders. It could be a good tool for new players mainly, but it needs your...
  18. slyy

    Dark Lord has risen!

  19. slyy

    WTS Houses Outside Meduli

    All houses are right outside Meduli stables. PM me if your interested! Thanks
  20. slyy

    Selling Cuprite

    Selling cuprite. Ratio 0.6g pr unit Also willing to trade for steel, tungsteel, cronite, oghmium, tindremic messing.