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  1. slyy

    Mortal Online Map - New Version

    Thanks to Xunila the MoMap is now displaying TC data again
  2. slyy

    Mortal Online Map - New Version

    @Herius @Sebastian Persson Unless @Xunila you would like to act as proxy for a while?
  3. slyy

    Mortal Online Map - New Version

    Yhep thanks, fixed it
  4. slyy

    Mortal Online Map - New Version

    The map had to change servers during the weekend, resulting in no TC display until SV can update their whitelist for the data
  5. slyy


    Anyone playing this should try duel servers, in the deathmatch category! Totally different experience, fun and super good for learning everything
  6. slyy

    Mortal Online Map - Update

    Hello! For some reason the original thread is now locked so I can't post that there. I think it would be really helpful for new players to have a map thats at least decently accurate - so I'm wanting to try get the following done before newbie island. I am looking for anyone who would like to...
  7. slyy

    GrayFox is back in Nave

    Welcome back! :eek:
  8. slyy

    Rainbow 6 Siege Beta Starts Today!!!! Here's some others that also work on ps4 / xbox :)
  9. slyy

    Guard Aggro Needs to be Fixed

    Were you healing each other? That seems to make them re-aggro But yeah.. guards should stay in the guard zone. Shoot from its edges at most
  10. slyy

    Tindrem is alive

    Awesome :D it does seem more are staying than expected too! Daily map users has increased by 2-3x
  11. slyy

    emulator wrong on pyroxene and lupium?

    Thanks, updated this here
  12. slyy

    Still having login issues

    And make it so it checks your password / account status before entering you into the que !
  13. slyy


    Nice enjoyable video! Did Rathgar survive? :p
  14. slyy

    Can't figure how to perform Perfect Block

    Is it pvp or pve? Directional block is for pvp. For pve you just need to block as the attack happens
  15. slyy

    Is getting blueblocked a feature or exploit?

    You can hurt your clan mates. I think Epsilon's post can be read several ways
  16. slyy

    Is getting blueblocked a feature or exploit?

    However, if the PVP toggle stopped all damage to ALL colors of flags, then blue guilds could not abuse it when fighting red ones. There is no good solution but this I think is as close as we will get.
  17. slyy

    Posting for my boy Dogmera

    Epic! :D
  18. slyy

    That account is already logged in...

    I think a lot of people are getting that just now - but the server should be rebooting soon
  19. slyy

    Is thieving designed to grief f2ps?

    Defend yourself at the root cause, have silver not gold and carry things in a heavy bag
  20. slyy

    Mortal Online Trailer - New Horizons

    Really awesome stuff here! This would be a very good first impression to new players! :D