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  1. realnaste

    Animal material weapons

    I wonder if it would be a good idea (and something possible to implement) to boost the damage of weapons made from animal materials to around steel level at the same time extremly increasing their dura loss on impact on armored targets and parries. A modifier of + 200% dura loss when hitting an...
  2. realnaste


    I seem to have problems with the patching process. Left it running overnight, but it just got to around 50% of 1820008TO1820020.mop. Any way to fix the issue? I tried shutting the process down and restarting it. Do I have to use the torrent now? Thanks in advance.
  3. realnaste

    Endless series free to play for the weekend

    On Steam that is. I think for me it's a good occasion to try games I might otherwise not give a solid chance. 1 Roguelike (looks quite interesting at first glance at the mechanics) 1 4x in space 1 4x in a fantasy setting Here is another interesting thing about this "event"...
  4. realnaste

    Ori and the Blind Forest

    Quite a competent platformer. Kept me challenged and interested enough to get to the end. I also consider it a very aesthetically pleasing title.
  5. realnaste

    Anyone here knows anyone at Harvard?

    Someone who works or studies there... I would just love to have any "insider" info on opinions about the humanist of 2014.
  6. realnaste

    Making my first "real" game

    Hi all I have already shared this on this forum, but in a thread I made for my drawings, because I didn't feel like it really deserved a new one. I hope I have now reached a level of development that can justify adding a new topic. In case any good souls out here haven't already seen it- I would...
  7. realnaste

    Homeworld Remastered

    It exists.
  8. realnaste

    A music question concerning muslims.

    I have noticed we have a few followers of Muhammad on the boards. I just wanted to ask- is music haraam?
  9. realnaste


    Just wondering if anyone has it and enjoys it? Looks like a fun little survival game with a Take-no-Prisoners-ish top-down perspective and a slightly surreal/psychedelic horror theme.
  10. realnaste

    Pve animations

    I do believe that before steam SV should take a look at the attack animations in pve. The way it is now makes it seem the combat is very clunky and unresponsive. Pve is after all one of the first aspects of the game new players experience and first impressions do count.
  11. realnaste

    If MO ever has a truly free house placement...

    One concern is often raised whenever a free placement of houses is mentioned; It is the inevitable overcrowding and therefore loss of any truly wild looking areas in the relatively small world of Nave. I agree in that I wouldn't like to see the whole world look like a spread-out village of some...
  12. realnaste

    Minor esthetics thing...

    Could someone tell an artist to do something about the spongewood tree leaves? They are way to bright during the night, making it look a bit awkward.
  13. realnaste

    Just a question...

    I noticed a few years ago that anybody that plays any computer game (including facebook farm games)is considered a "gamer" nowadays. I personally think it's just as ridiculous as defining someone that can kick a ball (or plays football once a month) a football player. Anyone has any thoughts...
  14. realnaste

    Just wondering.

    I have a question. Am I the only player that is irked by stuff like push animation when clicks between block and attack are too fast, or strangely short swing charge animations for poles when swinging from the left etc? You know. The small stuff.
  15. realnaste

    Cradle (A kickstarter that will probably not get funded for a change?)

    Just wanted to share something I found by checking out the project backed by Warhorse Studios (the guys making Deliverance: Kingdom Come), because I actually think this game might have an interesting setting for a change. "Cradle is an open-world adventure in a unique fantasy setting full of...
  16. realnaste

    Dear SV

    Stop effin around on the forums and do some work! >.> Thank you in advance. Sincerely yours. realnaste
  17. realnaste

    For pvp guild looking

    I don't know how to fight. I never knew, and probably never will. Looking for a serious pvp guild. Will even resub. Remember: I can't fight for shit. ...but I will love you.
  18. realnaste

    SV want's to hear from people that left...

    Just wanted to leave a little comment about the e-mail SV is sending out to people that used to be paying customers, but aren't any more: Why not offer one free week of premium time for completing this simple survey? SV doesn't have much to loose, will gain a player or two online for a moment...
  19. realnaste

    Eurogamer Expo London

    Just was wondering if anyone is planning on going? Would be nice to meet anyone from this community really.
  20. realnaste

    Practising drawing portraits

    Hey guys. I am practising drawing portraits using a tablet, and was wondering if I'm on the right track. If I am, some of you should be able to tell who these actually were supposed to be, even though they are works in progress (any advice/ words of criticism are most welcome!). :