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  1. Ciaphas

    Permanent red status -- solution for reds murdercount problem

    Currently reds have to burn their murdercounts to become blue again which given tens or sometimes even hundreds murdercounts they collected is either impossible or too difficult. In the same time 5 murdercounts are quit enough to give reds their red status. Here is what I propose. If you wish...
  2. Ciaphas

    Make Tindrem buildings enterable

    Please, make buildings in Tindrem enterable including great library. There should be unlocked doors, open windows, fireplaces and some furniture in houses. The first floors of some buildings (especially those on the main street leading from gates to Palace) should be occupied with public...
  3. Ciaphas


    It has been released several days ago. What can you say about it? Links:
  4. Ciaphas

    Launcher doesn't download patch 1820008 TO 1820020

    The launcher shows downloading patch 1820008 TO 1820020, but speed is 0 and no progress is made. Download details shows only direct download seeds, usually one sometimes two. What to do?
  5. Ciaphas

    Pirates, Vikings & Knights II

    Steam distributed free game. Three teams (pirates, vikings and knights) compete against each other in different modes. Who has played?
  6. Ciaphas

    Vendetta proposal

    Sometimes there are blue characters whose outrageous behavior can't be left unpunished: blueblockers, graveyard griefers, blue griefers, thieves ... the list can be continued. You would like to pay your debt to all these people with sharpened steel, but there are these murdercounts... Here is...
  7. Ciaphas

    Contracts and the profession of assassin

    The neighboring Rhodries thread about bounty hunting reminded me of this, close to mentioned topic, and I decided to bring what I have once already posted to a separate thread as my proposal. This is the proposal about how to introduce into the game system of contracts, that could be opened on...
  8. Ciaphas

    Selling amethysts in Tindrem

    Selling amethysts in Tindrem for 8 gold coin per gem.
  9. Ciaphas

    Ghost world enhancement proposition

    Ghost world is empty, boring and remarkably tormenting for eyes. Ghost mode vision should be reworked. The picture should be more bright, the player should have the same view distance as in alive mode. But the colours should be made bleak or black-and-white or greyish. For example can be used...
  10. Ciaphas

    Where is situated direptor armour vendor?

    Where is situated direptor armour book vendor and how many gems and of what type does the book cost? Also which book requires amethests to buy it?
  11. Ciaphas

    Buying Tindremic Guard Armour book in Tindrem

    Buying Tindremic Guard Armour book in Tindrem. The person who would deliver me the said book to Tindrem will be payed 50 gold and maybe even more. Send mail to Ciaphas in Tindrem, leave your message here or start a conversation.
  12. Ciaphas

    Looking glasses

    Why not to introduce some kind of amplifing optics into the game. I propose to add looking glasses with 2x or 3x amplification that would allow you to observe far away surroundings and alsoto see if there are players and NPCs there where with unarmed sight you can not see them (because they...
  13. Ciaphas


    I believe that the following proposal will help to solve the problem with guild fighters becoming red in battles, or at least will relieve the situation. I propose to introduce warzones -- special zones where murdercounts are not given for any kills. The warzones should follow these rules: --...
  14. Ciaphas

    Merchant trade and town specific goods

    Here I present a proposal of how to introduce merchant trade between towns as well as production of town specific goods. A trade between towns should be introduced to make players travel between towns more frequently, populate empty towns and to introduce another source of income and activity...
  15. Ciaphas

    Angels Bank is founded to fund crusades

    Ladies and gentlemen, the Order of the Angels of Death opens Angels Bank. This Bank is founded with purpose to fund Orders crusades against well known bandits and heretics, such as Guttersnipes, ES, Eclipse and others as well as to fund general struggle against thieves and thugs, who infest...
  16. Ciaphas

    Trade with players and mail are broken after last patch

    I found that trading with other players is broken: items do not transfer. Sending mail is also broken: items are not sent and game writes something about inventory.
  17. Ciaphas

    Blank books are not opening after the last patch

    After last patch, I can't open blank books. The game writes: "You need Magic scrolls skill to have spellbook" and the rotating circle animation remains on screen untill logging out.
  18. Ciaphas

    Why is Tindrem central quater lagging so much nowadays?

    After performance improvement patch Tindrem central quater didn't have any lags and worked fine through I set my resolution to higher: from 1440x900 to 1920x1080. But eventually freezing lags have accumulated and now it is hard to even walk around central bank and along main street not speaking...
  19. Ciaphas

    "Craft full set" possibility for crafting armour

    In the armour crafting window, in the armour part selection list, there should be a string named "full set". With it chosen the crafter will produce the full set of chosen armour, if he has enough materials. That will spare armourers crafting all 10 parts one after the other, when they want to...
  20. Ciaphas

    A small change of weaponsmithing process

    I suggest a small change to how smithing of weapons is done. We usually see crafters standing still near crafting tables without visibly making anything. To make their job more spectacular and realistic I suggest to divide process of crafting melee weapons into a few stages, that are all...