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  1. Sarkhan

    Allow discussion in Guild Recruitment section of MO Discord

    Some people got too loud and abrasive and as a consequence all were punished with the guild recruitment channel in the MO Discord channel becoming muted, allowing no one to talk there and instead directing people to the forums. Moderators and GMs: Our game is small enough as is. Only the...
  2. Sarkhan

    Bring Back Arena Tindrem

    I understand there were problems with the older iteration of the Arena. But is it going to be opened anytime soon, or ever? It was a nice addition when it was being used for its purpose, and I personally enjoyed the Arena rankings and glory. I've often wanted to host Arena fights in Tindrem for...
  3. Sarkhan

    WTB Expel Spirit Seal

    As title states.
  4. Sarkhan

    What do I do with a Shed Deed?

    Is there a certain NPC I can go to and have this turned into a house module deed, do I petition a GM? Or is it just old and worthless now? Thanks in advance.
  5. Sarkhan

    No Sound through Digital Audio/Video Receiver

    When playing Mortal Online on an ASUS ROG G75JM laptop connected by HDMI to a flatscreen with an optic cord to a Sony Digital Audio/Video Receiver, no sound comes from the game. This was not the case before Steam release, or sometime during. Mortal Online has always had sound when running...
  6. Sarkhan

    Dreaming of Mortal

    Last night I had a dream that some big time PvP'er died at my feet, wearing full cronite, and everybody got a piece of the loot but me. I later had a dream I was Zeratul from Starcraft but thats a different story. What kind of dreams have you had that were influenced by Mortal?
  7. Sarkhan

    Revert NPC vendor item organization

    As the title states - revert NPC vendor item organization Vendors used to list their items by order of what they sold, and then what they sold that players sold to them. Now, its all jumbled together. In other words, unless you are a long time player who knows exactly what that vendor sells...
  8. Sarkhan

    Dawn of the RKO: Randy Orton vs. Superman

    Got to love the internet.
  9. Sarkhan

    Warhammer Age of Sigmar

    I had to make a thread about this so I could bicker and moan with fellow Warhammer and table-top enthusiasts. What is this abortion of an idea that is coming to fruition? Are they seriously ditching their 35+ years of Warhammer lore for a cash grab, that may not even work out? Does anyone else...
  10. Sarkhan

    Why do you give Murdercounts in group PvP?

    As the title states. I would like to hear people's reasons for giving murdercounts in 'pitched battle'/group pvp, so to speak. Is it to spite the enemy you killed? To ensure they stay red? I am curious about the community's take and approach on this aspect of Mortal.
  11. Sarkhan

    Fifty Shades of Gandalf the Grey

  12. Sarkhan

    File or Directory is Unreadable

    I've been having problems installing Mortal. I can't get the client download to update, and a clean install from the torrent incurs the same problems. I've wiped Mortal from the computer, but when I run the updater.exe after extracting the torrent for a clean install it reads 'file or directory...
  13. Sarkhan

    My Brother Unforgiven

    A short machinima by [TBC]Xtra that was posted for the beta machinima contest. This is entirely is work and not mine.
  14. Sarkhan

    Super Smash Bros.

    The sandbox fighting game. Who else is a fellow Smasher? Played N64 Smash when I was a kid and recently purchased a Wii U for Smash. Favorite fighters: Link (original number one hunk), Mega Man, Mewtwo, Greninja, and Ganondorf. EDIT: Oh yeah, and Sarkhan as a sword using Mii is a favorite...
  15. Sarkhan

    Why was /emote sitdown removed

    Simple enough thread. /emote sitdown was removed, players can no longer sit, which can have advantages in pvp and survival. Why remove content? /emote charge animation was removed as well with no explanation.
  16. Sarkhan

    Everquest Project 1999

    We are Anarchy '99! Just kidding. Project 1999 is a private Everquest server that runs purely on the patches and expansions that were available up to 1999. That would be Ruins of Kunark and Scars of Velious. To many people, you can't play the Everquest that you...
  17. Sarkhan

    I Believe That We Can Win!

    C'mon, wheres my American Football fans? Who else almost crapped their pants last night as USA and Portugal fought tooth and nail for victory? Who would've thought that in the last twenty seconds of the game Portugal would've scored a second goal and equalized it. Mah heart! Ghana down...
  18. Sarkhan

    Arena Tindrem Open until next Reboot

    As title says, thanks Herius!
  19. Sarkhan

    Short Lion Cape crash on Log-In

    As the title says. My character is wearing a Short Lion Cape and crashes on log-in.
  20. Sarkhan

    When are we getting new Haircuts?

    As the title states. I'm just curious as it has been awhile since we received the new haircuts, which were said to be placeholders for the better ones to come afterwards. Will we get them in a patch fairly soon, or do we need to wait specifically for a patch just for them? Thanks in advance. :)