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  1. realnaste

    Mortal Online 2?

    Hey girls... Hey boys... Superstar DJ's... Here we go!
  2. realnaste

    Mortal Online 2 Discussion

    This thread brings a tear to my eye. I just popped to see what's up with this game, and not only was I slightly surprised people still play, but there are plans for a part 2? Wow.
  3. realnaste

    Patch Notes

    I wonder if there are chances for false positives similar to what can be observed in antivirus software.
  4. realnaste

    Total War: Warhammer

    Definitely not on release.
  5. realnaste

    Negative Steam Reviews

    47% huh? Could be a lot worse I guess...
  6. realnaste

    Server limits

    I've counted 23
  7. realnaste

    Server limits

    As far as I understand the queues do not depend on the total amount, but rather the current amount trying to log in at once(with minor factors in the calculation).
  8. realnaste

    Server limits

    We need an IMF loan!
  9. realnaste

    Server limits

    How about: people tried the game and quit. just a thought.
  10. realnaste

    Strilan's Steam Prediction

    With this attitude you might as well delete the whole MOFO.
  11. realnaste

    Total War: Warhammer

  12. realnaste

    this fuking game.....

    I tamed a weasel once... I will always cherish the time we spent together even when it got rough. #RememberTheWeasels
  13. realnaste

    Total War: Warhammer

    Great game in my book as well.
  14. realnaste

    Total War: Warhammer

  15. realnaste

    Tindrem is alive

    That's probably because SV doesn't have any artist that knows what he is doing and can sit and tweak animations until they actually look good with lags, prediction and other mmo-specific issues there might be. Instead they outsource the thing, which means someone (maybe even good at animating)...
  16. realnaste

    F2P Tamer

    Oh come on. There is even a free to play trailer on MOs official youtube page. Also- huge "play it for free" on the main page is more than enough. In how many places more would you like to see it? As I mentioned- I don't buy steam "forcing" a F2P tag.
  17. realnaste

    F2P Tamer

    I call BS. F2P rhetoric is all over MO.
  18. realnaste

    F2P Tamer

    Then please convince the devs to stop calling it F2P
  19. realnaste

    Bring dark nights back!

    To be fair, after three (or seven) years it's hard to expect an mmo to not look dated. I'm not saying it didn't look better though ;)